August 8, 2023
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Risk Management: The checks you should complete before signing a pool building contract

At Poolz we recommend you do your homework before signing a contract with your preferred pool builder. Completing the steps outlined in this guide will give you greater peace of mind knowing you’re using is a licensed pool builder, who is currently in a financially secure position and is not facing any issues you should be aware of.

Rhiannon Royall
Risks management - how to be confident you are choosing a good pool builder

At Poolz, we work with over 500 of Australia's best pool building professionals that have a proven track record of meeting our strict standards for quality and customer service. However, as we are 100% independent and not involved in any part of the pool building process, we strongly recommend you complete the following checks before signing a contract with your preferred pool building professional.

Completing the following simple checks will enable you to build your dream pool with confidence by ensuring...

  • Your preferred Pool Builder’s license and insurance is fully up to date,
  • Your preferred Pool Builder is currently operating in a secure financial position without any issues you should be aware of, and
  • Previous customers recommend your preferred Pool Builder without hesitation.
Pool Buyers Checklist
This information is from our comprehensive ebook that covers everything you need to discuss with your pool building professional.

License check

In most states of Australia, pool builders are required to be licensed by the building authority. Request a copy of your pool builder's license or a link to check the license online via QBCC, VBA or similar.

Insurance check

  1. Request a copy of the pool builder's public and products liability insurance Certificate of Currency,
  2. As the pool builder if there will be a Contract Works Insurance Policty in place for your project
  3. Ask your home insurance provider if you need to addyour new pool to your home insurance before handover.
Contract Works Insurance can cover all phases of work, including preparation, construction, maintenance, testing, commissioning,  during new construction, and renovations or additions.

Credit check

A credit check can give you insight into whether the company is paying its bills and if there are any current legal issues facing the company and/or its directors.

  • We recommend getting a Company & Director Credit Report from a service such as Equifax as this will highlight any issues facing both the company and the Directors.
  • You can also choose to monitor your pool building professional and get live alerts via companies such as CreditorWatch and Illion.

Contract check

Always review the proposed contract to ensure you are only paying progress payments after each construction stage has been completed by your pool building professional. Do not sign a contract that requires you to pay progress payments in advance after your initial deposit. Before signing your contract, always ask your pool building professional to explain all inclusions and exclusions so you do not incur any unexpected costs during or after your pool has been built.

Understanding a pool building quote
The experts at Poolz put together this guide to help you understand and compare pool building quotes.

Customer references

We recommend going online to check for reviews by past customers and asking your pool building professional for the contact details of 3 to 5 customers who have built a pool with them in the last 12 months so you can seek feedback on their overall experience. Below are several suggestions on what to ask past customers but do not hesitate to ask them anything that is more specific to your project or any concerns you may have.

  • When did the pool builder build your pool?
  • Was the pool built within the agreed timeframe?
  • Did the pool builder communicate with you effectively throughout the build?
  • Did you have any issues with the pool builder?
  • What would you do differently if you built another pool?


Building your dream swimming pool is an exciting journey filled with possibilities and we hope the tips provided by the Poolz experts in this article have equipped you with plenty of valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate this process with greater comfort and confidence. However, this is just beginning. We invite you to turn your dream pool into reality by joining the countless homeowners who have already harnessed the power of Poolz to effortlessly connect with reputable local pool builders, request multiple quotes, and compare options to make more informed decisions.

Rhiannon Royall
Pool Builder Operations
I'm a pool enthusiast turned designer with 25 years of industry experience. Creating dream pools is my passion, and I'm thrilled to help builders and homeowners bring their visions to life through Poolz.
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