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27 Sep - 7 Nov 2023
Open for entries
8 Nov - 29 Nov 2023
People’s Choice voting period
1 Dec 2023
Winners are announced on the first day of summer!
Entry is completely free for every Australian pool builder

The Poolz Awards are Australia’s premier swimming pool awards, showcasing the best collection of pools from Australia’s talented pool building industry.

With categories ranging from ‘Australia’s Coolest Pool’ to ‘Best Pool Design for a Small Backyard’, The Poolz Awards recognise the best of what’s possible in swimming pool design and construction. If you're looking for pool inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

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The Poolz Awards are designed to showcase the best collection of Australian swimming pools in a variety of categories. If a pool entry meets the criteria for more than one category, it can be entered into multiple categories with each entry automatically qualifying for public voting in the relevant People’s Choice Award.

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Why Enter?

The Poolz Awards Logo Symbol

The Poolz Awards are the best way to showcase your expertise to thousands of Australian homeowners and it's the only place for the Australian public to vote on the pools they love. Enter now so they can vote on your amazing pools!

Poolz is conducting extensive media and PR activity to promote the pool builders and pools entered into The Poolz Awards.
Professional photography is not required to enter. The Poolz Awards are about Australia's best pools, not expensive photography!
Every entrant has the option to include an audio description of the best features and highlights of each pool entered.
Every entrant receives a stunning page on The Poolz Awards website to showcase each pool entered.
People’s Choice voting is open to all Australians ensuring your pools are seen by thousands of homeowners.
The Poolz Awards are completely FREE to enter.

How We

Every entry into The Poolz Awards is reviewed and assessed on the following disciplines by an independent panel of leading Architects, Landscape Architects, Home Builders, Designers and Photographers.


First Impression










Each entry is judged on its performance against the 5 disciplines using a simple scoring scale of 1 to 10. Therefore, the total score achievable across all 5 disciplines is between 5 and 50 and the following qualification criteria applies.

1-2 Points

Entries receiving a score of 2 or less in each discipline (a total score of 10 or less across all 5 disciplines), will not qualify.

5 Points

Entries require a minimum score of 5 for each discipline to qualify as a Poolz Award Finalist.

9+ Points

Entries receiving a score of 9 or higher in an individual discipline are considered outstanding and exceed expectations.

Meet The

The Poolz Awards are judged by an independent panel of leading Architects, Landscape Architects, Home Builders, Designers and Photographers, all with a keen eye for functional design and aesthetics.

Andrew Maccoll

Andrew Maccoll

Andrew has made a name for himself as a sought-after Creative Director and Photographer, having worked with some of the world's biggest brands and celebrities. Career highlights include working with iconic names such as Apple, IBM, Dior and NBC.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

A leading Melbourne landscape designer, known for our innovative approach to residential landscape projects, delivering highly responsive design outcomes that are sensitive to both site and context. Our focus is to recreate connection to the outdoors and the natural landscape, with a balance between the built form and the natural.

Paul Smith
Owner & Director

Paul Smith

Paul Smith, as the Director of Queensland Landscape and Drainage Group, leads our specialized team in expertly managing and executing intricate landscaping and drainage projects. With a commitment to excellence, we tackle complex endeavors with precision and innovation, delivering top-tier solutions in all areas of landscape and drainage management.

Justin Dibble
Founder & Lead Designer

Justin Dibble

With a career now spanning 30 years starting out in nurseries, landscaping and pool construction then onto boutique pool & landscape design for the past 20 years, Justin has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience that sets him apart from other Landscape Designers. Known for his practical design sense, his level of detail and skill for designing challenging and complex ‘resort worthy’ projects, his services are highly sort after in the luxury home market. Since founding Fluid Design in 2008 Justin’s design work has achieved numerous industry awards for both the design and the construction of his Pool & Landscape designs.