May 6, 2024
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Cost of Building a Swimming Pool in Melbourne in 2024

In 2024, Melbourne's pool prices vary: custom concrete plunge pools range from $55,480 to $72,080, prefab concrete pools from $50,280 to $70,240, fibreglass plunge pools from $57,480 to $77,280, and standard 7m x 3m pools in both concrete and fibreglass range from $59,600 to $83,740. Explore our detailed guide for in-depth insights and leverage Poolz's tools to plan your dream Melbourne swimming pool.

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Prices for building a new swimming pool in Melbourne in 2024

Swimming pool costs in Melbourne vary widely, but typically, you might expect to invest between $52,000 and $83,000 to install a new swimming pool. This range reflects the diversity in pool options and scales, promising a backyard transformation that offers limitless fun.

Poolz has partnered with over 100 Melbourne pool builders, each rigorously assessed and certified on our platform as Poolz Approved. This pool pricing information comes from more than 500 Melbourne pool quotes.

Explore our comprehensive breakdown of the various pool types and sizes to understand the distinct pricing dynamics for each, equipping you with the knowledge needed to navigate your pool project in Melbourne.

Understanding Pool Pricing in Melbourne

Before we examine the specific costs associated with different types of pools in Melbourne, it’s important to understand the factors that influence overall pricing.

Pool Pricing Based on Pool Size

The size of the pool affects its price, but perhaps not as dramatically as you might think. Here are some reasons:

  • Minimum Charges: Many Melbourne pool builders and subcontractors impose minimum billing thresholds. So, even if a job takes less than a day, you may still be billed for a minimum amount of time plus travel.
  • Costs of Surrounding Features: Reducing the size of your pool does not necessarily lower associated costs. For instance, the expense for landscaping might actually increase if the design needs to be more intricate to enhance a smaller space.
  • Equipment Scale: Typically, the necessary equipment such as pumps and filters remains the same regardless of minor differences in pool size. This means equipment costs for a 7m x 3m pool are similar to those for an 8m x 4m pool.

Pool Pricing Based on Property Characteristics in Melbourne

The cost of pool quotes in Melbourne can also vary based on several property-specific factors:

  • Quality Level: Pool builders in Melbourne often focus on particular market segments - from luxury high-end pools to more cost-effective models. The desired quality level heavily impacts the price.
  • Access to Site: Good access (5m+ wide) generally won't add to the cost, whereas restricted access (e.g., 2m wide) might necessitate additional fees for smaller machinery or manual labor.
  • Terrain Slope: Flat sites typically do not incur extra charges, but a sloping site might require additional engineering, particularly for fibreglass or custom concrete pools, to ensure structural integrity.
  • Construction Site Conditions: Coordinating a pool installation with the construction of a new home can lead to extra charges. These might include the installation of the pool shell and protective cover to prevent damage during the construction process.

Understanding these factors will help you plan and budget accurately for a new pool in Melbourne, ensuring that there are no surprises along the way.

What is Not Included in This Melbourne Pool Pricing

It's crucial to note that the prices we discuss here cover only the pool shell and the standard features typically included by most pool builders. Therefore, additional costs not covered in this pricing include:

  • Pool Fencing: Expect to pay between $200/m to $650/m for fencing, depending on the type of fence chosen.
  • Surrounding Tiling: While the initial pool price includes coping tiles - the first row of tiles directly surrounding the pool - it does not cover any further tiling you might want around your pool.
  • Electrical Work: The cost for an electrician to set up pool equipment, lighting, and other electrical components is an additional expense.
  • Landscaping and Additional Features: Costs for landscaping, gazebos, water features, spas, and decking are not included in the initial pricing.

How Much Does a Plunge Pool in Melbourne Cost?

In Melbourne, a plunge pool, which is any pool with dimensions up to 6m x 3m, typically costs between $50,280 and $77,280 installed. Here's a breakdown of the options available:

  • Custom Concrete Plunge Pools: These are constructed on-site and tailored to fit your specific property needs.
  • Prefab Concrete Plunge Pools: These pools are pre-built in a factory.
  • Fibreglass Plunge Pool: Also factory-made, these pools are delivered ready to drop in the hole!

Understanding the diverse types of plunge pools available in Melbourne helps you grasp the potential costs and what influences them.

Cost of a Custom Concrete Plunge Pool in Melbourne

For a common 5m x 3m custom concrete plunge pool in Melbourne, prices typically range from $55,480 to $72,080. This variance reflects different quality levels offered by Melbourne pool builders. Opting for a budget-friendly pool might place you at the lower end of this spectrum, which may include fewer standard features or lower-quality materials. Conversely, choosing a premium quality pool will position you at the higher end of the price range, ensuring more comprehensive inclusions and superior quality.

Here is a sample price estimate for a custom concrete plunge pool in Melbourne for 2024.

Concrete plunge pool pricing in Melbourne in 2024

Cost of a Prefab Concrete Plunge Pool in Melbourne

The price for a standard 5m x 3m prefab concrete plunge pool in Melbourne typically falls between $50,280 and $65,200. These costs reflect the offerings from leading precast concrete pool manufacturers in Melbourne and include:

  • Site Preparation: This encompasses excavation, soil removal, tip fees, and preparing a concrete slab for the pool installation.
  • Crane Costs: Assumptions are made that the crane can position the pool directly from the truck. However, if larger cranes are needed due to restricted access or if the pool must be lifted over structures, costs could increase by anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.
Market Pricing Variances: It's important to note that advertised prices for prefab concrete plunge pools often only cover the pool shell and exclude installation costs. The figures we provide represent a more comprehensive cost that most homeowners would pay for full installation in Melbourne. Additional expenses such as fencing, further tiling, and landscaping are not included in these estimates.
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Cost of a Fibreglass Plunge Pool in Melbourne

For a standard 5m x 3m fibreglass plunge pool in Melbourne, prices generally range from $57,480 to $77,280. This variation stems from the different levels of quality and standard features offered by fibreglass pool builders in Melbourne. The cost depends significantly on the inclusion and quality tier chosen by the purchaser.

Here is an actual price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a fibreglass plunge pool in Melbourne:

Fibreglass plunge pool pricing in Melbourne in 2024

How Much Does a Concrete Pool in Melbourne Cost?

Expect to pay between $64,650 and $83,740 for a family-sized 7m x 3m concrete pool in Melbourne. This broad price range reflects the varying levels of quality and the range of inclusions offered by pool builders. Opting for a budget-friendly option may lead to fewer standard features and lower quality materials, while a high-end choice would provide more comprehensive inclusions and superior materials.

Standard features for a high-quality concrete pool in Melbourne might include:

  • Engineering and certification/approvals
  • Building insurance
  • Pool installation
  • Heating provisions
  • Two LED multicolour pool lights
  • Travertine coping tiles
  • 300mm Ceramic waterline tiles\
  • 25% Glass bead interior surface finish
  • Robotic cleaner
  • 7-year warranty
Concrete pool pricing in Melbourne in 2024

How Much Does a Fibreglass Pool in Melbourne Cost?

In Melbourne, a family-sized 7m x 3m fibreglass pool typically ranges in price from $59,600 to $79,400. The variability in price reflects differences in quality and the range of inclusions each fibreglass pool builder in Melbourne offers. These variations allow for tailored solutions depending on budget and preferences.

Standard features in a high-quality Melbourne fibreglass pool may include:

  • Standard engineering and certification/approvals
  • Pool installation
  • Building insurance
  • Two LED multicolour pool lights
  • Heating provisions
  • Robotic cleaner
  • 400mm coping pool tiles
  • Long-term warranties (25 years or lifetime, conditions apply)

Note that the listed prices assume easy access to the installation site. Restricted access may necessitate a larger crane, significantly increasing costs.

Here is the price quote from the Poolz pool price calculator for a high-quality fibreglass pool in Melbourne in 2024:

Fibreglass pool pricing in Melbourne in 2024

Are Fibreglass Pools Cheaper Than Concrete Pools in Melbourne in 2024?

The cost gap between fibreglass and concrete pools in Melbourne has narrowed significantly. While fibreglass pools historically were more economical, increases in material, manufacturing, and transport costs have equalised prices between fibreglass and concrete options.

It's important to note that concrete pools in Melbourne might still end up being more costly simply because there are so many customisation options on concrete pools, all of which will increase the overall cost. These might include upgrades such as waterline tiling and custom interior finishes, which are not available with fibreglass pools.

Crane Costs for Pool Installation in Melbourne

In Melbourne, the installation of prefabricated pools, including fibreglass, fibreglass plunge, and prefab concrete plunge pools, often necessitates the use of a crane. If the access to the installation site is straightforward and the transport truck can align next to it, crane fees are generally minimal, around $2,000. Conversely, properties with restricted access may require a larger crane, leading to costs ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. These additional 'crane costs' can substantially affect the overall budget, potentially making a prefabricated pool as expensive, or more expensive, when compared to a bespoke concrete pool constructed on-site.

Does Adding a Pool Increase Home Value?

For homeowners in Melbourne apprehensive about the investment required for a swimming pool, consider its value-adding potential. According to research from HouseLogic, installing a pool can boost your home's value by up to 7%. Thus, a property valued at $1 million could see an increase of up to $70,000, with this value expected to grow over time.

Interestingly, 'Pool' ranks as the top searched term on the real estate website Domain, highlighting its popularity among potential home buyers.

Is It Wise to Finance a Pool?

Whether to finance a pool in Melbourne depends on your specific financial situation. This is not financial advice, and before you make a decision to finance your pool, please seek professional financial advice.

Poolz has collaborated with Australia's top-rated finance company to offer unsecured home improvement loans at competitive rates - currently at 6.24% p.a., which is comparable with most mortgages and is markedly lower than most unsecured personal loans.

This approach could see you enjoying your new pool sooner while enabling you to spend saved money elsewhere.

Cost-Saving Strategies for Pool Construction in Melbourne

Facing the high costs of pool construction in Melbourne can be daunting. For those looking to save money without compromising on quality, direct management of your pool project or DIY approaches are an option. However, DIY'ing yoru own pool can introduce significant stress and the potential savings of $5,000 to $10,000 might not justify the additional efforts. At Poolz, we prioritise delivering optimal value with minimal hassle for our clients.

To further reduce expenses without sacrificing the aesthetics or functionality of your pool, engage with a professional Melbourne pool builder. Their expertise can guide you in making cost-effective choices throughout the construction process. For more in-depth strategies and advice, download our free eBook, 'Building Your Dream Pool: The Ultimate Cost-Saving Handbook,' available now on Poolz. Dive into practical tips and start planning your economical yet stylish pool today!

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What is the Total Cost for a Pool Project in Melbourne

The initial quotes for installing a pool in Melbourne generally cover the pool shell and standard features. However, the full cost of the project often extends beyond these basics. Homeowners typically find themselves spending an additional $15,000 to $30,000 on enhancements and necessities such as:

  • Variable speed pool pumps, included in premium options, starting from $1,800.
  • Advanced sanitisation systems like ionised fresh water or ozone-treated salt water, ranging from $3,500 to $3,800.
  • Comprehensive pool automation systems for managing filtration, lighting, heating, and more, starting at $3,500.
  • High-end robotic pool cleaners included in upscale offerings, costing between $1,500 and $5,000.
  • In-floor cleaning systems priced at around $12,000.
  • Premium fencing options, particularly popular frameless glass fencing, which costs approximately $600 per meter.
  • Efficient pool heating solutions such as heat pumps or solar heating systems, starting from $5,000.

Is it Possible to Get a Cheaper Pool in Melbourne?

Certainly, it's possible to find a less expensive pool in Melbourne, with some companies offering prices $5,000 to $10,000 lower than typical market rates. This can happen for several reasons:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs: Some Melbourne pool builders might use fewer subcontractors or own their excavation equipment, which can significantly reduce the cost. For instance, if a builder handles their excavation, they might offer a lower overall price.
  2. Omission of Costs in Quotes: Sometimes, quotes might not include all necessary items or might underquote some aspects. For example, a quote might state $1,500 for excavation and soil removal but could be subject to adjustments depending on the actual conditions found during the excavation. This often results in additional costs post-quote, which could surprise new pool owners.
  3. Quality and Inclusions: Cheaper offers might also come with fewer inclusions or lower quality components. It’s important to carefully check what’s included in your quote and the specifications of the materials and equipment being offered.
  4. Workmanship: The craftsmanship in pool construction varies, and lower prices might reflect substandard work. Proper pool construction requires adherence to Australian standards, including adequate concrete thickness and reinforcement. Skimping on these can lead to higher maintenance costs and potential structural issues later.

Finding a cheaper pool might initially seem like a good deal, but it’s crucial to consider the long-term implications of such savings. Lower upfront costs can lead to higher ongoing expenses if the pool requires frequent repairs or if it fails to add the expected value to your property. Always balance cost with quality and ensure you're investing in a pool that will enhance your home and lifestyle for many years.

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Building a new swimming pool in Melbourne in 2024 represents a major commitment, with costs fluctuating depending on the type, size, quality, and specific inclusions, as well as the unique characteristics of your property. To make a well-informed decision and secure the best value for your investment, obtaining multiple quotes from Melbourne pool builders is essential. Poolz facilitates this process effortlessly. Simply click 'GET QUOTES' on our platform, share your vision for your dream pool, and we will connect you with the most compatible pool builders in Melbourne, all of whom are thoroughly vetted and collaborate closely with us.

Moreover, leverage the comprehensive suite of free tools available through Poolz, including our pool price calculator and informative eBooks. These resources are crafted to assist homeowners in understanding and managing the intricacies of pool construction. By utilising these tools, you can approach your pool project with confidence, ensuring your family enjoys the ideal pool for many years ahead.

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