Feedback & Review Guidelines

Poolz is committed to genuine and helpful feedback.

Share your honest experience with Poolz professionals

Leaving feedback helps other homeowners make informed decisions and supports pool professionals in promoting and improving their services. Stick to the facts, be genuine, and avoid second-hand information. Remember, using all caps online may come across as shouting.

Respectful communication

We have zero tolerance for abusive, bullying, discriminatory, or intolerant behaviour. Please refrain from profanities, racial or prejudicial comments, personal attacks, threats, or insults. If you have serious concerns about an interaction with a pool pro, contact us at hello [at] or call 07 4800 5096.

Legal considerations

We cannot accept feedback containing allegations of illegal conduct or references to ongoing investigations. If you have legal concerns, please reach out to us directly at support [at] or call 07 4800 5096.

Authenticity matters

Fake, misleading, or incentivised feedback is against our policies and Australian Consumer Law. Any such feedback will be removed, and businesses involved may face removal from the Poolz platform.

Verification process

To maintain trust, our Trust & Quality team may verify feedback by checking if customers have engaged the pool professional. Ratings without confirmation may be deemed illegitimate and removed.

We appreciate your commitment to providing genuine and helpful feedback. Together, we can create a trusted community of pool owners and professionals.