About us

Transforming the pool industry with innovation and trust.

Our mission is to simplify the process of owning a swimming pool by providing comprehensive resources, education, and services that make pool ownership effortless and enjoyable for homeowners, while collaborating with pool industry professionals to help drive evolution and growth through innovation and technology.

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The Poolz mission

To simplify the process of owning a swimming pool by providing tools, technology and services that make pool ownership effortless and enjoyable.
Over 500 of Australia's best pool building professionals at your fingertips
Friendly and helpful advice from our 100% Australian customer support team
We match your needs with the best pool professionals then connect you with them
Expert tools and resources to simplify every aspect of pool ownership

Empowering pool ownership: Redefining the industry

Poolz has revolutionised the swimming pool industry by replacing outdated practices with innovative technology; matching homeowners with reputable pool professionals; and providing the most comprehensive tools and resources to help homeowners make more informed decisions and pool professionals streamline their businesses.

Poolz bridges the gap between knowledge and action, empowering homeowners to confidently build and enjoy their dream backyard oasis. By creating a transparent and accessible platform, Poolz aims to redefine the industry and make pool ownership a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone. Join us as we transform the way pools are built, maintained, and cherished worldwide.

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How Poolz is different

We help turn dream pools into reality! Poolz is solely focused on swimming pools, so our specialised, innovative, and collaborative approach brings unique and powerful benefits to homeowners and pool professionals alike.
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Expertise in swimming pools

By narrowing our focus solely on swimming pools, our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide specialised guidance, resources, and recommendations tailored specifically to pool construction, maintenance, and renovation. Our information and services are independent, unbiased and curated for the unique requirements of each pool owner.

Extensive pool builder network

We have established strong relationships with over 500 of Australia's best pool building professionals. Unlike going directly to individual builders, Poolz provides homeowners a comprehensive selection of reputable professionals to choose from. Our stringent vetting process ensures that only the best pool builders with a track record of delivering exceptional service and quality are included in our network.

Dedicated customer support

Poolz is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. Our 100% Australian-based support team is readily available to assist you during every step of your pool building journey. Whether you need clarification on pool costs, help with selecting the right builder, or guidance on pool maintenance, our friendly experts provide personalised assistance to ensure your experience is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Streamlined pool building process

Building a pool can be a complex undertaking, but Poolz has simplified the process by enabling homeowners to easily share their pool requirements, receive instant price estimates, and connect with up to three local pool builders via our user-friendly platform. This streamlined approach saves time and eliminates the hassle of contacting multiple builders individually, making the entire process significantly more efficient and convenient.

Trusted and transparent

Trust is the cornerstone of Poolz. We are committed to fostering transparency throughout the pool building process. From providing accurate price estimates to sharing verified customer reviews, we aim to empower homeowners with the information they need to make informed decisions. With Poolz, every homeowner can have confidence in their choices and peace of mind knowing they are working with reputable professionals.

About us, in a nutshell

Poolz aims to deliver an unparalleled pool building experience for homeowners and pool professionals alike. Our specialised focus on the swimming pool industry, expertly curated resources, extensive builder network, dedicated support team, streamlined processes, innovative technology, and commitment to transparency set us apart. Join us in revolutionising the swimming pool industry and turn your pool dreams into reality.
Poolz vision and values

Poolz empowers homeowners to create and enjoy their own personal oasis with ease and confidence, while driving the growth and evolution of the pool industry.

Open and honest relationships

Like life itself, business is all about relationships and every solid relationship is built on trust and loyalty, so we build open and honest relationships by always communicating with transparency and integrity.

WOW customer service

Customer service isn’t a thing, it’s everything! Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we always go above and beyond to deliver WOW customer service and show we genuinely care.

Determined and courageous

It’s a cliche, but we only get one shot at life, so we live with a sense of adventure and always seek out the road less travelled. We're determined, we use good judgement, and we're not afraid to take chances to get the job done.

Opportunities in obstacles

Our approach to life and work is a choice we make every day, so we choose to create our own luck by seeing the opportunities in every obstacle.

Enthusiastic and passionate

We understand that energy is contagious, so we inspire and engage the people around us with our passion and enthusiasm for what we do each day.

Humble and accountable

We are responsible for our actions, accountable for our results and we own our mistakes. We don't make excuses, and we are always open to personal growth.

Frequently asked questions

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How will Poolz have a positive impact on the swimming pool industry?
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Poolz is motivated by two goals of equal importance.

  1. Helping homeowners - finding a great pool professional can be hard. Getting three quotes from local pro's can be even harder. Poolz aims to make this process easy for homeowners. 
  2. Helping pool pro's - building a swimming pool is a challenging task with many complications. Poolz is working hard to help pool builders with training and tools, as well as by better educating homeowners on all things swimming pools.

Our belief is that when homeowners are better educated about swimming pools, that will result in more realistic expectations and smoother projects. Likewise, when pool professionals are better equipped to provide a great customer experience, both parties win.

If you have any feedback or ideas, we'd love to hear them - get in touch here.

How does poolz provide a real-time pool price estimate?
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The Poolz team has decades of pool building experience which enables us to provide you with a real-time price estimate for your dream swimming pool. 

Simply use the GET QUOTES form to see what your pool is likely to cost before moving forward to get quotes from the best local pool building professionals we match you with.

Can I trust Poolz?
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In short, yes, you can. We are a company motivated to ensure we provide a win/win. A win for homeowners and a win for pool professionals. In order to do this successfully, we have to do the right thing by both parties at all time - and that's exactly what we do.

We have excellent data privacy rules in place, we only accept fair and honest customer reviews and everything about our company and service is transparent.

How does Poolz make money?
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Poolz is proud to offer our services completely free of charge to homeowners. Our primary revenue stream comes from pool builders and professionals who pay a nominal fee for the opportunity to quote on your project and build your pool.

By leveraging the Poolz platform, pool builders benefit from substantial savings in marketing and sales costs. This allows them to provide more competitive pricing to Poolz homeowners, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties. Poolz acts as a valuable resource that streamlines the process, saves time, and ensures cost efficiencies for pool builders, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional pool construction services. Rest assured, our commitment to your best interests remains unwavering, and we always strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Who owns the Poolz business?
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Poolz is a privately owned company, owned by the founder and small group of employees. If you'd like more information, get in touch.

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