May 6, 2024
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Cost of Building a Swimming Pool in Sydney in 2024

In 2024, Sydney's pool prices differ: custom concrete plunge pools cost between $56,280 to $74,080, prefab concrete pools from $50,080 to $63,040, fibreglass plunge pools between $57,2809 to $70,080, and standard 7m x 3m pools in both concrete and fibreglass vary from $59,600 to $86,120. Delve into our guide for comprehensive insights and utilise Poolz's tools to plan your dream Sydney swimming pool.

Rhiannon Royall
Cost guide for Sydney swimming pools, including concrete and fibreglass pools and plunge pools.

Swimming pool prices in Sydney can range widely, influenced by a variety of factors we'll explore shortly. Generally, you can expect to spend between $56,000 and $86,000 for a new swimming pool in Sydney. While this might seem like a significant investment, imagine the endless enjoyment in your own backyard oasis!

Poolz has partnered with over 100 Sydney pool builders, all vetted and approved on our platform, who consistently provide homeowners with reliable pool quotes. This direct line to builder pricing ensures you get accurate, up-to-date cost estimates.

Dive into the details of different pool types and sizes below to better understand the specific costs associated with each option, helping you make an informed decision tailored to Sydney's market.

Understanding Pool Pricing in Sydney

Before delving into specific costs associated with various pool types in Sydney, it's crucial to grasp the factors that affect overall pricing.

Pool Pricing Based on Pool Size

While the size of the pool influences its price, the difference may be less significant than anticipated. Here are a few reasons for this:

  • Fixed or Minimum Charges by Builders: Many pool builders and their subcontractors apply minimum charges. Therefore, even if a job takes only an hour, you might be billed for three hours plus any associated travel expenses.
  • Costs of Surrounding Elements: Downsizing your pool doesn't necessarily mean reduced costs. For instance, landscaping expenses might increase with a smaller pool as more elaborate designs are needed to complement the reduced scale.
  • Equipment Costs: The size of necessary equipment, like pumps and filters, often remains consistent unless there is a substantial difference in pool size. This means that whether your pool measures 7m x 3m or 8m x 4m, the cost for these components tends to be similar.

Understanding these pricing dynamics helps in planning and budgeting for a new pool in Sydney, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

Pool Pricing Based on Your Property in Sydney

When receiving a quote for a pool in Sydney, several property-specific factors play into the final cost:

  • Quality Level: Sydney pool builders often specialise in specific tiers of pool quality. Some cater exclusively to high-end luxury pools, while others offer more budget-conscious options. Naturally, the level of quality you choose will significantly influence the pricing.
  • Access: Easy access to your build site (5m+ width) typically won't incur extra charges. Conversely, limited access (e.g. 2m wide access) can lead to additional costs due to the requirement to use a smaller digger or in some cases (where access is less than 1.2m wide) the need to dig the pool by hand.
  • Slope: A flat site generally doesn't bring extra charges. However, sloped sites can add complexity, particularly for fibreglass or custom concrete pools, where additional structural support might be necessary to ensure stability.
  • Building Site Conditions: If your pool installation coincides with new home construction, you might face additional fees. These cover the installation of the pool shell and a cover to protect it from damage during the house build.

Each of these elements requires careful consideration when planning your pool project in Sydney to ensure accurate budgeting and to avoid unexpected expenses.

What is Not Included in This Sydney Pool Pricing

It's crucial to understand that the prices we mention here cover only the pool shell and the standard inclusions typically provided by Sydney pool builders. Additional expenses not included in this base pricing are:

  • Pool Fencing: Costs can range from $250/m to $700/m, depending on the materials and design of the fence you choose.
  • Surrounding Tiling: While the initial price includes coping tiles (the first row of tiles around the pool) any further tiling will incur extra costs.
  • Electrical Work: The costs for an electrician to install and connect pool equipment and lighting are not included in the standard pool quote.
  • Landscaping and Additional Features: Additional elements such as landscaping, gazebos, water features, spas, and decking are also not included and will need separate budgeting.

Understanding these exclusions is essential for planning the financial aspects of your pool project in Sydney to ensure comprehensive budgeting beyond the basic pool installation.

How Much Does a Plunge Pool in Sydney Cost?

In Sydney, plunge pools, defined as pools 6m x 3m in size or smaller, generally cost between $50,080 and $74,080 to install. Below, we explore the breakdown of these costs for various types of plunge pools available:

  • Custom Concrete Plunge Pools: Tailored to fit specific property needs, these are constructed on-site.
  • Prefab Concrete Plunge Pools: These are manufactured in a factory setting and shipped to the site.
  • Fibreglass Plunge Pool: Also factory-made, these pools come in standard shapes and sizes.

Cost of a Custom Concrete Plunge Pool in Sydney

For a typical 5m x 3m custom concrete plunge pool in Sydney, prices range from $56,280 to $74,080. The variance in cost can be attributed to the different levels of quality and inclusions offered by Sydney pool builders. Opting for a basic model with fewer inclusions will place you at the lower end of the price spectrum, whereas choosing a pool with high-end finishes and additional features will position you at the upper end.

Here's a representative price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a custom concrete plunge pool in Sydney for 2024, illustrating potential costs based on varying quality levels.

The Poolz price estimator for a custom concrete plunge pool in Sydney based on the $$ quality level.

Cost of a Prefab Concrete Plunge Pool in Sydney

For a standard 5m x 3m prefab concrete plunge pool in Sydney, you can expect to pay between $50,080 and $63,040. These figures reflect the rates from leading precast concrete plunge pool brands in Sydney and include the following costs:

  • Site Preparation: This covers excavation, soil removal, tip fees, and preparing the concrete slab on which the pool will be installed.
  • Crane Use: The quoted price assumes that a truck can position the pool directly into place. If a larger crane is needed due to restricted access or the need to lift the pool over a building, the crane cost could add an additional $3,000 to $10,000 to the total price.
It's important to note that many advertised prices for precast concrete plunge pools only cover the cost of the pool shell, omitting the significant expenses involved in installation. The prices we provide include a more comprehensive accounting of what homeowners in Sydney typically pay to have a precast concrete plunge pool fully installed, excluding costs for fencing, additional tiling, landscaping, and other enhancements.
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Cost of a Fibreglass Plunge Pool in Sydney

For a standard 5m x 3m fibreglass plunge pool in Sydney, prices generally range from $57,280 to $70,080. This variation in cost arises because each fibreglass pool builder in Sydney offers different levels of quality and various standard inclusions, which significantly affect the overall pricing.

Below is a representative price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a fibreglass plunge pool in Sydney for 2024.

The Poolz pool price estimator for a fibreglass plunge pool in Sydney based on the $$ quality level.

How Much Does a Concrete Pool in Sydney Cost?

For a popular family-sized 7m x 3m concrete pool in Sydney, you can expect to pay between $66,800 and $86,120. This wide price range reflects the varying levels of quality and inclusions provided by pool builders. Choosing a budget-friendly option might mean fewer inclusions and lower quality materials, placing you at the lower end of the price spectrum. Conversely, opting for a pool with premium features and higher quality materials will increase the cost.

For example, here are the standard inclusions you can typically expect for a mid-level quality concrete pool in Sydney:

  • Standard engineering and certification/approvals
  • Building insurance
  • Pool installation
  • Heating provisions
  • 1 x LED multicolour pool lights
  • Travertine coping tiles
  • 200mm Ceramic waterline tiles
  • 25% Glass bead interior surface finish
  • Suction cleaner
  • 7-year warranty

Below is an example price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a mid-quality concrete pool in Sydney for 2024.

The Poolz pool price estimator for a concrete pool in Sydney based on the $$ quality level.

How Much Does a Fibreglass Pool in Sydney Cost?

For a popular family-sized 7m x 3m fibreglass pool in Sydney, prices typically range from $59,600 to $72,400. The variance in cost reflects different quality levels and the range of inclusions offered by Sydney fibreglass pool builders.

An example quote from the Poolz pool price calculator illustrates the mid-level of quality and inclusions for Sydney pools, including:

  • Standard engineering and certification/approvals
  • Pool installation
  • Building insurance
  • 1 x LED multicolour pool lights
  • Heating provisions
  • Suction cleaner
  • 4300mm Coping pool tiles
  • 25-year or lifetime warranty (subject to conditions)

It's important to note that the quoted prices assume good access to the site. Limited access could necessitate a larger crane, potentially increasing costs significantly.

Below is a representative price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a high-quality fibreglass pool in Sydney for 2024, providing a detailed view of potential expenses.

The Poolz pool price estimator for a fibreglass pool in Sydney based on the $$ quality level.

Are Fibreglass Pools Cheaper Than Concrete Pools in Sydney in 2024?

The traditional price gap between fibreglass and concrete pools in Sydney has narrowed significantly. Recently, the rise in costs for materials, manufacturing, and transportation has equalised the prices of fibreglass and concrete pools, making them nearly identical in cost. Some of our fibreglass pool partners say they expect fibreglass pools to be more expensive than the equivalent concrete pool in the years ahead.

However, it's important to note that concrete pools often end up being more expensive than their fibreglass counterparts. This isn't necessarily because the base cost of the pool is higher, but rather because concrete pools offer more customisation options. Many homeowners choose to enhance their concrete pools with additional features such as waterline tiles, interior tiling, and other upgrades, which can significantly increase the overall cost.

Pool Installation Crane Costs in Sydney

For prefab pools, including fibreglass and concrete plunge pools, craning them into place is a necessity. If your site in Sydney has excellent access, allowing the transport truck easy proximity to the installation site, the crane costs might be relatively low, around $2,000. However, limited access can require a larger crane, increasing costs significantly to anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. These additional crane costs are crucial to consider when planning your pool installation, as they can make a significant difference in the total cost, potentially making a prefab pool as expensive, or more expensive than a custom-built concrete pool.

Does a Pool Add Value to My Home in Sydney?

Installing a swimming pool in Sydney can significantly enhance your property's value. According to research from HouseLogic, adding a pool can increase your home's market value by up to 7%. For instance, if your home is valued at $1 million, the addition of a swimming pool could potentially raise its worth by up to $70,000—a figure that could grow as the market appreciates.

Interestingly, the term 'Pool' is the most searched keyword on Domain, indicating that swimming pools are highly desirable among potential homebuyers in Australia.

Is Financing a Pool a Wise Decision?

Deciding whether to finance a pool installation depends on various factors and should be considered carefully. While this is not financial advice, it's crucial to consult with financial experts before proceeding. However, our partnership with Australia's top-rated finance company offers an attractive option with unsecured home improvement loans at competitive rates—currently at 6.24% p.a., with a comparison rate of 7.53% p.a., comparable with most mortgate rates and significantly lower than other unsecured personal loans.

Financing could be a strategic choice, allowing you to enjoy your pool sooner while potentially using your capital more effectively elsewhere for greater returns. This approach not only provides immediate enjoyment but also positions you better financially in the long run.

Cost-Saving Tips for Building a Pool in Sydney

Navigating the costs of pool construction can be daunting. If you're looking to save money without shouldering the stress and complexity of a DIY approach, Poolz is your ideal partner. Although managing your own pool project might seem like a cost-effective strategy, it often leads to only modest savings of about $5,000 to $10,000 and can significantly increase stress and project complexity.

Instead, leverage our knowledge and network in Sydney to ensure you get the best possible value without compromising on quality or design. We're equipped with the insights and expertise of experienced pool builders from Sydney who can help bring your pool vision to life while keeping costs in check. For more cost-saving strategies and professional guidance, download our free eBook, 'Building Your Dream Pool: The Ultimate Cost-Saving Handbook', and start planning your pool project with confidence.

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How to save money building your dream swimming pool

What is the Average Total Cost of a New Pool in Sydney?

The costs outlined here reflect only the basic pricing of the swimming pool and its standard inclusions. They do not account for the complete range of elements typically involved in a Sydney inground pool building project. The total investment for homeowners often extends well beyond the initial estimates.

It's challenging to specify a precise overall cost for a pool project in Sydney, but generally, homeowners find themselves investing an additional $15,000 to $30,000 over the initial pool costs. This extra expenditure might cover:

  • Variable speed pool pump (included in our premium offerings) - starting from $1,800
  • Advanced sanitisation options like fresh water systems (using ionisation) starting at $3,500, or ozone systems (combining ozone and salt water) from $3,800
  • Pool automation features that manage everything from filtration to lighting and heating, available from $3,500
  • High-end robotic pool cleaners, ranging from $1,500 to $5,000
  • In-floor cleaning systems, which can be around $12,000
  • Premium fencing options, such as frameless glass fencing, typically the priciest choice at about $600 per meter
  • The most sought-after pool heating solutions like heat pumps or solar systems, starting at $5,000

These additional features enhance both the functionality and enjoyment of your pool, reflecting a significant part of the total investment in creating the perfect backyard oasis.

Is it Possible to Get a Cheaper Pool in Sydney?

Certainly, obtaining a more affordable pool in Sydney is feasible, and some companies may offer quotes substantially lower ($5,000 to $10,000) than the typical market rates we've discussed. Here's why this might happen:

  1. Operational Efficiencies: Some Sydney pool builders might have fewer subcontractors or own their excavation equipment, which can lead to cost savings passed onto you.
  2. Under-Quoted Items: It’s not uncommon for quotes to omit several necessary items or to under-quote them. For instance, if a quote for excavation and soil removal is surprisingly low, like $1,500, be wary of clauses that allow for price adjustments after the work is done. This could lead to unexpected higher costs.
  3. Inclusion Quality and Completeness: Sometimes, pools are offered with minimal inclusions or lower quality elements. Ensure that the standard inclusions like equipment and pool interiors are comprehensive and of good quality by checking the brands and models specified.
  4. Workmanship Quality: The craftsmanship involved in pool construction must adhere to Australian standards, which dictate specifics like concrete thickness and reinforcement. If a quote is significantly lower than others, it might indicate compromised quality.

Remember, cost-cutting upfront can often lead to higher expenses later due to increased maintenance needs or necessary corrections. Investing in quality from the start is crucial to enhancing your property's value and ensuring the longevity of your pool.

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Building a swimming pool in Sydney in 2024 represents a substantial investment, influenced by factors such as pool type, size, quality, inclusions, and property-specific conditions. To secure the best value and make well-informed choices, we strongly advise obtaining multiple quotes from Sydney pool builders. Poolz simplifies this process for you; just click 'GET QUOTES', share your pool aspirations, and we'll link you with the most fitting Sydney pool builders from our network of over 100 approved professionals.

Moreover, leverage Poolz’s suite of complimentary resources, including our pool price calculator and informative eBooks, all crafted to assist homeowners in managing the complexities of pool construction. These tools will empower you to smoothly oversee the creation of your dream pool, ensuring lasting enjoyment for you and your family.

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