May 14, 2024
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Australia's Most Popular Pools in 2024

Explore Australia's pool preferences in 2024 with Poolz, the most trusted authority on swimming pool trends. Discover why 39% favour plunge pools and how 14% opt for professional designs to ensure accurate quotes and avoid costly changes during construction.

Tony Loxton
Australia's most popular pool types, designs and features in 2024

In Australia, the backyard swimming pool remains a cherished feature of home life, with more Australians enjoying pool ownership than anywhere else globally. An impressive 14% of Australian households boast a pool, with Queensland leading at a 24% ownership rate, starkly contrasting with Victoria's 8%. This enduring popularity prompts a key question: what are the trending pool choices among Australians in 2024, and what features are most in demand?

Swimming Pool Data from Poolz

Poolz stands as the most trusted online destination for pool construction in Australia. Each month, thousands of Australians engage with Poolz to explore new ideas, plan their pool projects, and connect with local builders to bring their visions to life. Our users answer a detailed questionnaire of at least 12 queries regarding their ideal pools, with over half of them also engaging directly with our team for personalised advice and further details. This interaction has amassed the most robust dataset on residential swimming pools nationwide, based on inputs from over 9,000 Australian homeowners in 2024 alone.

Focusing on Popular Pool Types and Sizes

At Poolz, our expertise is concentrated on the most popular types of pools—fibreglass and concrete, including options like plunge pools and precast pools. This focus allows us to provide detailed insights into these categories while excluding less common types like vinyl liner out-of-ground pools.

A "plunge pool" in our definition fits within the dimensions of 6m x 3m or smaller, equivalent to 18 lineal metres. Any pool exceeding these measurements is classified differently, allowing for a clear distinction in our analysis.

Fibreglass pools have many popular shapes and sizes

The Most Popular Pool Types in 2024: A Detailed Analysis

As we step into 2024, the landscape of Australian swimming pools reveals a distinct preference for concrete pools, which are chosen by 31% of new pool buyers. This choice underscores the enduring appeal of concrete pools, known for their durability and customisability. Not far behind, fibreglass pools capture the interest of 27% of the market, prized for their smooth finish and quicker installation times.

The rise of plunge pools marks a significant trend, with fibreglass plunge pools particularly popular, accounting for 21% of purchases. This surge is indicative of a growing desire for compact, efficient spaces, especially in urban areas where larger pools may not be feasible. Moreover, concrete plunge pools, including those that are precast, have seen a substantial increase, now making up 18% of new installations. This shift highlights a robust interest in high-quality, durable plunge pools that cater to smaller, more contemporary outdoor spaces.

Breaking down the numbers:

  • Concrete pools lead with a combined 52%, including 31% for standard pools larger than 6m x 3m and 21% for concrete plunge pools.
  • Fibreglass pools follow closely at 48%, split into 27% for standard sizes and 21% for fibreglass plunge pools.

With nearly 39% of all sales attributed to plunge pools, it's clear that these smaller, versatile pools are reshaping preferences in the Australian pool market. This balance between concrete and fibreglass options illustrates diverse homeowner priorities, blending traditional sturdiness with modern ease of maintenance and installation.

This detailed breakdown not only confirms the popularity of both concrete and fibreglass pools but also highlights the significant niche that plunge pools have carved out in the market.

The most popular pools by type in Australia in 2024

The Most PopularPool Sizes in 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

As Australian properties adapt to changing urban landscapes, the preference for pool sizes continues to evolve. While smaller properties have boosted the popularity of plunge pools, there remains a substantial demand for larger, family-sized swimming pools. Here's a closer look at the most popular pool sizes across different materials in 2024.

Fibreglass Pools: Top Choices by Size

Fibreglass pools are favoured for their ease of installation and maintenance, with the following sizes proving most popular among Australian homeowners this year:

  • 7m and 8m lengths are tied, each capturing 29% of the fibreglass pool market, reflecting their versatility in both small and moderate-sized properties.
  • 10m pools are chosen by 15% of buyers, suitable for those with slightly more space.
  • 9m and 11m lengths and larger account for 9% each, catering to those with expansive outdoor areas.
The most popular fibreglass pool sizes in Australia in 2024

Concrete Pools: Versatility in Customisation

Overall, concrete pools are the most popular choice with Aussie homeowners

Concrete pools offer unmatched customisability, which is reflected in the diverse sizes chosen by homeowners:

  • 8m long pools lead with 25%, ideal for most family settings.
  • 10m lengths follow at 17%, providing ample space for swimming and pool games.
  • 7m pools comprise 20% of the market, a nod to their fit in standard backyards.
  • Longer pools, ranging from 9m to 13m and beyond, fill the remaining market, with 13m and longer pools making up 13%, showcasing a trend towards grand, luxurious pool designs.
The most popular concrete pools by size in Australia in 2024

Concrete Plunge Pools: Maximising Compact Spaces

Precast concrete plunge pools are growing in popularity, like this Plungie

Despite their smaller dimensions, concrete plunge pools are predominantly chosen at their maximum allowable size:

  • 6m length pools dominate, chosen by 61% of plunge pool buyers, maximising the utility of compact spaces.
  • 5m pools are preferred by 23%, while smaller lengths like 4m and 3m make up 10% and 5% respectively.

Fibreglass Plunge Pools: Popular Compact Choices

Following a similar trend to concrete, fibreglass plunge pools are also most frequently selected at the largest size:

  • 6m length pools are most popular, making up 63% of fibreglass plunge pool installations.
  • 5m lengths are chosen by 23% of buyers, and smaller sizes decrease incrementally in popularity.

This data, derived from Poolz’s comprehensive market insights, highlights not only the preferred sizes but also the growing trend towards maximising pool size within the constraints of modern property dimensions. Whether it's for leisure, fitness, or aesthetics, Australians are choosing pools that best fit their lifestyle and space, with a clear preference for larger sizes within each category's constraints.

This graph shows the popularity of pool sizes in concrete and fibreglass pools in Australia in 2024

The Top Five Additional Features For New Pools in 2024

As Australian homeowners continue to customise their backyards, swimming pools are becoming increasingly bespoke, akin to personalising a new car with cutting-edge enhancements. Here’s a rundown of the top five additional features Aussies are incorporating into their new pools, reflecting the latest trends and technological advancements in pool design.

1. Pool Heating: Extending the Swimming Season

The most sought-after upgrade, pool heating, allows homeowners to enjoy their swimming pools beyond the typical summer months. A notable 13% of new pool owners choose to install heating systems, keen on diving into comfortable, warm water well into autumn and spring. This not only maximises the use of the pool but also increases property appeal and value, making it a pragmatic investment for those looking to enhance their home lifestyle.

2. Pool Automation: A Tech-Driven Convenience

Gaining traction among tech-savvy consumers, pool automation systems have been chosen by over 7% of new pool buyers. These systems streamline maintenance and control, allowing homeowners to manage heating, lighting, and filtration from digital devices. The convenience of scheduling and remote management makes pool automation a top pick for modern homes, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing the need for manual oversight.

3. Pool Covers: Energy Efficiency and Safety

More than 7% of new pools are being fitted with covers, which serve dual purposes. Besides keeping the pool clean by blocking out leaves and debris, covers significantly retain heat, reducing energy costs associated with heating the pool. Moreover, they offer an added layer of safety by preventing accidental falls into the water, especially crucial for families with young children or pets.

4. Spa Features: Enhancing Relaxation and Appeal

Integrating a spa or hot tub with the pool setup is becoming increasingly popular, with more than 4% of Australians opting for this luxurious addition. Spas provide a perfect relaxation spot and are ideal for year-round use, offering therapeutic benefits and making them a compelling feature for those looking to create a comprehensive backyard retreat.

5. Water Features: Aesthetic and Acoustic Enhancement

Lastly, water features like waterfalls or fountains are selected by 3% of new pool buyers, adding a visually appealing and tranquil element to pool environments. These features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a soothing ambiance through the gentle sound of flowing water, elevating the overall sensory experience of the garden landscape.

These enhancements reflect the evolving preferences of Australian homeowners, highlighting a shift towards more personalised, convenient, and luxurious pool features in 2024.

These are the most popular additions to new swimming pools in Australia in 2024

The Rise of Professional Pool Design in Australia

In recent years, there's been a noticeable shift towards professionalism in pool design among Australian homeowners. More than 14% now opt to engage professional designers before seeking construction quotes, emphasising the importance of a well-conceived plan. This trend mirrors the approach taken in home architecture, where designs are solidified before construction begins, ensuring both aesthetic and functional alignment with homeowner aspirations.

Why Opt for Professional Pool Design?

Professional pool design offers several benefits to a homeowner looking to build a new pool

Professional pool design is usually conducted using advanced software capable of producing detailed 2D or 3D renders and video simulations of the proposed pool and surrounding outdoor space. This visualisation helps homeowners make informed decisions about their investment before breaking ground. Here are several compelling reasons to consider this approach:

  1. Unbiased Creativity and Expertise: Unlike pool builders who might design with a bias towards their products or construction methods, independent pool designers focus solely on the client’s vision. Their expertise lies in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments that reflect the homeowner's personal taste and lifestyle needs.
  2. Accurate and Reliable Quoting: Pool construction quotes can often include large provisional allowances for various project elements like excavation and concreting. These estimates can lead to significant budget overruns when the actual costs become apparent. A detailed design plan provides exact specifications from which builders can offer more precise quotes, reducing the likelihood of unexpected expenses.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Engaging a professional designer might seem like an added expense, but it typically results in financial savings in the long run. With a clear design in place, builders can provide more accurate quotes with smaller contingencies. This transparency helps homeowners avoid the common pitfall of paying extra for adjustments to poorly estimated allowances.
  4. Visualising the End Result: Seeing a detailed render of the pool and outdoor area during the design phase allows for adjustments and refinements without the costs associated with mid-construction changes. This step is crucial for ensuring the final product matches the homeowner’s expectations, avoiding costly and disruptive alterations once building has commenced.
  5. Enhanced Project Outcomes: A professional designer’s input can elevate a simple pool project to a comprehensive outdoor living solution. By considering elements like sun exposure, land topography, and existing architectural styles, designers can integrate the pool seamlessly into the broader landscape, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
A professional pool designer can help to create an amazing outdoor space

As pool ownership continues to grow in popularity across Australia, the value of professional pool design becomes increasingly clear. It not only guarantees a more satisfying end result but also streamlines the building process, making it a worthwhile investment for any prospective pool owner looking to make a splash with their new backyard feature.

Conclusion: Why Poolz is Your Go-To for Building the Perfect Pool

Poolz stands as Australia's most trusted pool building website, a testament to our commitment to enhancing the pool-buying experience across the nation. Each month, thousands of Australians trust Poolz to bring their dream pools to life, supported by our strong partnerships with over 500 of the country's leading pool builders. Our unique position in the market not only enables us to offer unparalleled service but also grants us access to exclusive data that no other platform has.

At Poolz, we pride ourselves on being the sole provider of this valuable market insight, reflecting the latest trends and preferences among Australian pool buyers. For journalists, researchers, or anyone keen on discussing our data or exploring pool industry trends further, we encourage you to get in touch with us at We're always excited to share insights and discuss how our data can provide value.

If you're ready to take the plunge and start your pool project, simply click the 'GET QUOTES' button on our website to connect with the best builders suited to your needs. Not quite ready to get quotes? No problem! Give us a call at 1300448407, and one of our knowledgeable pool experts will be delighted to assist you with any questions you might have. At Poolz, we're here to ensure that your journey to owning the perfect pool is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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