May 21, 2024
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The Advantages of Engaging a Professional Pool Designer Before Getting Pool Quotes

Professional pool design by a specialist designer will ensure a consistent design vision by an expert, it will save money and will deliver a better outdoor space that blends with your home and property.

Rhiannon Royall
Professional pool design results in less guesswork, more accurate quotes and stunning outcomes.

In Australia, the trend of professional pool design is gaining momentum as homeowners recognise the value of meticulous planning before construction. With more than 14% of Australians now opting for professional design services before engaging a pool builder, it’s clear that the landscape of residential pool design is evolving.

At Poolz, we strongly believe that every new pool build should start with a professional design that is done with an independent specialist pool designer. Let’s dive into the reasons why.

A Pool is a Huge Investment

Outside of buying a house, or perhaps a very expensive car, a swimming pool is one of the largest purchases most people will make in their lives. It also has a direct impact on your single biggest asset, your home. A well designed pool can add significant value to your family home, whereas a poorly designed pool not only reduces the value added to your home, it also means you’re less likely to love your new swimming pool. And, unlike a car, if you don’t like your new pool, you’re stuck with it - you can’t sell it without selling your home! So, the stakes are high when it comes to adding a new pool to your home and we believe it’s worth doing it right.

"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design." - Dr. Ralf Speth
The pool design showing the spa incorporated into the pool with a spillover

We Use Specialists For Anything Important

You are already accustomed to using specialists for most things in your life, especially the important things - which are generally measured by their impact on your health, happiness and wealth. In the case of a pool, I’d argue it impacts all three! Let’s look at an example.

Building or Renovating Your Home

The obvious starting point for any new build or renovation project is a draftsperson or architect. Yes, you can go to a builder directly, but unless the builder has an expert design team in-house, you’re going to end up using a draftsperson or architect anyway. On top of this, going to a builder and using their design team means you’re locked in to that builder and have limited options when it comes to shopping around for quotes.

Once you have a design from the draftsperson or architect, they will create a set of construction plans. These plans are provided to selected builders to quote on your project. The detailed construction plans enable the builders to provide accurate quotes, with less ‘allowances’ (more on this later), and most importantly, it means all the builders are quoting on exactly the same plans - which means you’ll get quotes you can compare!

The construction industry has worked this way for decades, but for some reason, the pool industry has not made this transition yet. We believe this change is happening and makes complete sense.

As you can see, this design incorporated significant landscaping - the design includes all the retaining walls, fencing and landscaping shown, not just the pool

Why You Should Use a Specialist Pool Designer

There are several reasons why we believe you should use an independent pool designer (ie. not a pool builder) to design your new swimming pool.

Unbiased Creativity & Expertise

Independent pool designers will prioritise your vision above all else, bringing unbiased creativity and specialised skills to the table. Unlike some pool builders who may design with a bias toward their products or preferred construction methods, an independent designer will focus solely on enhancing your vision and brining it to life in the best way possible.

On top of this, pool designers are skilled at creating stunning outdoor spaces and will take into consideration elements which go beyond the skills of a pool builder - things like sunlight, entertainment areas, landscaping and more. A good pool designer will integrate your new pool and outdoor area seamlessly with both the architectural style of your home and the natural landscape to create a cohesive and inviting outdoor area for your family.

A pool designer is going to ensure both form and function. So your pool area will be both beautiful and practical.

“Pick the size and type of tiles for the coping and surrounds first, and design the pool and pool area for full tiles. This results in a high end finished look.” - Rhiannon Royall, Award Winning Pool Designer
This aerial view of the pool and spa provides a great perspective on how the space will look and function

Visualise the Final Outcome

Professional pool designers use advanced software to product detailed 2D or and 3D renders and video simulations, offering a clear preview of the proposed outdoor space. This approach mirrors the precision seen in modern home architecture, where detailed plans are a precursor to the build and ensure a fantastic result.

The ability to visualise the end result before construction begins cannot be overstated. It is much easier and cheaper to make changes during the design phase than to realise you want something changed when pool construction is already underway. Or worse, after it’s completed. Additionally, we find that homeowners who have a professional design created have far more confidence in the project than those who aren’t able to visualise their pool and outdoor area before work begins. I firmly believe the cost of having a professional design is worth every cent to give me clarity and confidence that I’m spending my money well.

The pool design gives you the ability to visualise how the pool will blend with your existing house and entertaining area

A Professional Pool Design Will Save Money on the Project

If you’re not already convinced that an independent pool design is essential, then let’s talk about the bottom line. There are two main reasons why getting a professional pool design will save you money on the project. Firstly, you’ll remove some of the guess work from the quotes which typically results in the builder adding a buffer for unknowns, and by having a design, you’ll get quotes you can actually compare. Let’s explore each of these in more detail.

Precise Quotes Without the Padding

If you engaged a builder to build or renovate your house without having designs and plans, would you expect the builder to provide you with an accurate quote? I’m guessing not. It’s far more likely that the builder will need to buffer their quote due to all the unknowns, to be sure they don’t lose money on the job. The same things happens in swimming pools.

If you engage a swimming pool designer and have well defined plans, you can have pool builders quote on the exact requirements, without any guesswork or quote buffering. Don’t forget, getting a new pool is not just about the pool. Pool projects also include pool fencing, lighting, landscaping and other  surrounds. By having designs and plans for your project, you are helping pool builders to provide accurate quotes, instead of having a lot of unknowns that will absolutely result in additional costs.

A professional pool design will come with a set of well defined plans that detail material quantities and more - making it easy for a builder to quote accurately on the new pool build

Quotes You Can Actually Compare

You may have seen that we offer a free and independent quote comparison service at Poolz. Why do we offer this service? It’s simple - because anyone building a pool without a professional design finds it impossible to compare quotes. If you engage three pool builders to get quotes on your dream pool, each of them will do a site visit to understand what you want and the specifics of your property. This guarantees one thing - each of them will interpret your vision differently and you will receive three quotes for three different swimming pools. How do you compare these quotes? You can’t, at least not easily.

Engaging a Pool Designer Makes Sense

Hopefully by now you agree with me when I say - ‘using a professional pool designer makes sense for a host of reasons’. Not only are you likely to get a better outdoor area that incorporates everything you want including the new swimming pool, but you’re also likely to save money. You can avoid all the stress that accompanies ‘allowance’ overruns and engage a builder with a very clear vision of what you’re building.

It’s also fun! Working with a specialist designer who can turn your ideas into stunning designs is a fun process that you will enjoy. The act of ‘seeing’ what your pool and outdoor area is going to look like is an essential part of the process and will give you much more confidence in the investment you’re making.

Having a design makes it so much easier for you to visualise your new pool and gives you confidence in what you're building

What Does a Pool Designer Cost?

The cost of pool design can vary widely based on who you use and the scope of the project. That being said, relative to other design professions (e.g. landscape design or architecture), pool design is very affordable. In Australia, most pool design projects cost between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on the scope of the project. The example designs shown throughout this article cost $3,500.

Why Choose Poolz for Your Pool Design Needs?

Poolz has a team of professional pool designers in-house. Our team is lead by Rhiannon Royall, who has won multiple national awards for her stunning pool designs, which include the designs you see on this page and throughout the Poolz website.

Poolz is Australia’s most trusted pool building website, closely partnered with over 500 of Australia’s top pool builders. We offer unique insights and access to professional design services that ensure your pool is not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a smart investment.

If you’re considering building a pool and want the best outcome, click the “GET QUOTES” button on our site. If you’re not quite ready for quotes but have questions, feel free to call us at 1300448407—one of our pool experts would be delighted to assist you.

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