January 8, 2024
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Cost of Building a Swimming Pool in Brisbane in 2024

In 2024, Brisbane's pool prices vary: custom concrete plunge pools cost $45,280-$62,880, prefab concrete $42,480-$52,080, fibreglass plunge pools $49,280-$61,280, and standard 7m x 3m pools in both concrete and fibreglass range from $50,600 to $64,200. Explore our guide for detailed insights and Poolz's tools for personalised planning.

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Cost of a swimming pool in Brisbane in 2024 - Pool Costs Brisbane

Swimming pool costs in Brisbane vary based on several factors that we'll jump into below, but overall, you're looking at between $50,000 to $70,000 for a new swimming pool in Brisbane. That may sound expensive, but think about the fun you'll have in your new backyard pool!

Poolz has partnered with more than 100 Brisbane pool builders who are approved on our platform and provide Brisbane homeowners with pool quotes on a daily basis. Our pricing information comes directly from those pool builder quotes.

Let's dive into the various different pool types and sizes to give you a more accurate guide on pool pricing in Brisbane as each type of pool has unique costs that should be understood.

Understanding Pool Pricing

Before we jump into the pricing for specific pools in Brisbane, you need to understand some of the factors that impact pricing.

Pool Pricing Based on Pool Size

The size of a pool definitely impacts pricing, but the impact is probably smaller than you'd expect. Why is this the case? There are a few reasons:

  • Many pool builders and their subcontractors have minimum charges. So where a job may only take an hour, you may find that you're charged 3 hours plus travel costs.
  • The elements surrounding your pool may not cost less even if the pool is smaller - for example, the cost of landscaping may actually go up if you get a smaller pool.
  • Unless the size is vastly different, the size of the pumps, filters and equipment is likely the same or very similar regardless of whether your pool is 7m x 3m or 8m x 4m.

Pool Pricing Based on Your Property

Every pool quote will have allowances for the following items:

  • Quality level - most Brisbane pool builders specialise in a particular quality of pool. Some build only very high-end pools whilst others focus on more budget friendly options. The quality level you desire obviously has an impact on pricing.
  • Access - if your site has great access (5m+) then you're unlikely to pay any extra based on the access to your pool build site. However, if your access is tight (for example, 2m), then you'll pay an additional fee to cover the costs associated with this.
  • Slope - if your site is flat, then you will not encounter any additional charges. However, if your site has a slope, with some pool types, for example a fibreglass pool or custom concrete pool, you'll incur additional charges related to constructing the pool out of ground and potentially the foundations required.
  • Building site - if you are building your pool as part of a new house build, then you may incur an additional charge as this may require the pool company to install the pool shell before the house is built, and then come back to complete the job after the house is completed. The additional charge is for the installation of a hard cover frame to protect the pool shell from damage during the house build, and to provide additional safety and a possible platform for the house builders.

What is Not Included in This Brisbane Pool Pricing

It is important to note that the pricing we're providing here is for the pool shell and the standard inclusions offered by most pool builders. As such, this pricing does not include additional costs for the following:

  • pool fencing - you can expect this to cost anywhere from $200/m to $600/m depending on the type of fence you get
  • surrounding tiling - the pool price will include the coping tiles, which is the first tile surrounding the pool, but will not include any additional tiling you may want around your pool
  • electrical - the services of an electrician to wire up the pool equipment, lighting etc. will be an extra cost
  • landscaping & other elements - any other elements you want such as landscaping, gazebos, water features, spas, decking etc. are all excluded from the pricing we've provided here.

How Much Does a Plunge Pool in Brisbane Cost?

A plunge pool is any pool 6m x 3m in size or smaller. Plunge pools in Brisbane typically cost between $42,480 and $62,880 installed. Let's break this down so you can understand what goes into these figures. There are various types of plunge pools available in Brisbane:

  • custom concrete plunge pools - a custom build concrete plunge pool that is built on-site to suit your property
  • prefab concrete plunge pools - a prefabricated concrete pool built in a factory
  • fibreglass plunge pool - a prefabricated fibreglass pool built in a factory.

Cost of a Custom Concrete Plunge Pool in Brisbane

For a popular 5m x 3m sized custom concrete plunge pool in Brisbane, you can expect to pay between $45,280 and $62,880. The price range allows for the different quality levels provided by different Brisbane pool builders. If you want a popular pool on a budget, you can expect to be a the lower end of that price range (this also means you have less standard inclusions or lower quality inclusions), and if you want a popular pool with an emphasis on quality, you can expect to be at the higher end of that price range (and will get more inclusions of a higher quality).

Here is an actual price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a custom concrete plunge pool in Brisbane in 2024.

Price quote of a concrete plunge pool in Brisbane in 2024

Cost of a Prefab Concrete Plunge Pool in Brisbane

For a popular 5m x 3m sized prefab concrete plunge pool in Brisbane, you can expect to pay between $42,480 and $52,080. This prices are reflective of the most popular precast concrete plunge pool brands in Brisbane and this pricing includes:

  • Site preparation - excavation, soil removal, tip fees and the concrete slab for the pool to sit on
  • Crane - this pricing assumes the truck can crane the pool directly into position. In the event a larger crane is required due to limited access or needing to crane the pool over a house, then the price of the crane can increase the overall price of the pool by anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.
Seen cheaper precast concrete pool pricing? Most precast concrete plunge pool pricing online is for the shell itself, and doesn't include the various costs associated with installing the pool. The pricing we are showing here is what most people are actually paying to have a precast concrete plunge pool installed in Brisbane. Remember, these prices also don't include fencing, additional tiling, landscaping and other extras.
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Cost of a Fibreglass Plunge Pool in Brisbane

For a popular 5m x 3m sized fibreglass plunge pool in Brisbane, you can expect to pay between $49,280 and $61,280. Again, the reason for the price range is because every fibreglass pool builder in Brisbane offers different quality levels and standard inclusions and these impact the price.

Here is an actual price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a fibreglass plunge pool in Brisbane in 2024.

Price quote for a fibreglass plunge pool in Brisbane in 2024

How Much Does a Concrete Pool in Brisbane Cost?

For a popular family sized 7m x 3m concrete pool in Brisbane, you can expect to pay between $50,600 and $64,200. The reason the price range is so large is because of the quality range and inclusions. If you go for a popular pool on a budget with less standard inclusions and lesser quality inclusions, then your price will be at the lower end of that range, whereas if you select a popular pool with an emphasis on quality, you can expect more inclusions and higher quality inclusions.

As an example, here are the standard inclusions you can expect for the higher quality concrete pool in Brisbane - Standard engineering and certification / approvals, Building insurance, Pool installation, Heating provisions, 2 x LED multicolour pool lights, Travertine coping tiles, 300mm Ceramic waterline tiles, 25% Glass bead interior surface finish, Robotic cleaner, 7 Year warranty.

Here is an actual price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a concrete pool in Brisbane in 2024 at the higher quality level.

Price quote for a concrete pool in Brisbane in 2024

How Much Does a Fibreglass Pool in Brisbane Cost?

For a popular family sized 7m x 3m fibreglass pool in Brisbane, you can expect to pay between $50,600 and $62,600. The reason for the price range is because of the quality range and inclusions provided by different Brisbane fibreglass pool builders.

The example quote shown below from the Poolz pool price calculator shows the higher level of quality and inclusions. The standard inclusions you can expect from a Brisbane pool builder offering higher quality fibreglass pools is typically as follows - Standard engineering and certification / approvals, Pool installation, Building insurance, 2 x LED multicolour pool lights, Heating provisions, Robotic cleaner, 400mm Coping pool tiles, 25 Year or lifetime warranty (with conditions).

It is worth noting, the pricing shown below assumes very good access. If access is limited, the cost for a larger crane would need to be added to the price shown.

Here is an actual price estimate from the Poolz pool price calculator for a fibreglass pool in Brisbane in 2024 at the higher quality level.

Price quote for a fibreglass pool in Brisbane in 2024

Are Fibreglass Pools Cheaper Than Concrete Pools in Brisbane in 2024?

The days of fibreglass pools being 20-40% cheaper than concrete pools in Brisbane are over. In short, the recent increases in the cost of materials, manufacturing and transportation have really levelled the playing field, resulting in the price of comparable fibreglass and concrete swimming pools being basically the same.

It is worth noting however, that in most cases, a concrete pool will end up costing more than a fibreglass pool. This is not because the pool itself costs more, but is in fact because there are more options for concrete pools and most homeowners end up adding additions like waterline tiles, interior tiling and other elements that increase the cost of the concrete pool.

Pool Installation Crane Costs in Brisbane

Every type of pool that is prefabricated, which includes fibreglass pools, fibreglass plunge pools and prefab concrete plunge pools, require a crane to place the pool in position. If your block has very good access and the transport truck can pull up alongside the installation site, then the crane cost will be insignificant at around $2,000. However, if your property doesn't have great access and a larger crane is needed to lift the pool in place, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. It is worth considering this when you think about the type of pool you want for your home. The prices we've quoted above do not include these 'extra crane costs' due to limited access and can easily result in a prefabricated pool costing more than a custom concrete pool that is built on-site.

Does a Pool Add Value to My Home?

If you're a little daunted by the price of a swimming pool in Brisbane, then this information may be welcome news. Research by HouseLogic has shown that a pool can add up to 7% to the value of your home. So in theory, if your property is worth $1m, then the value is likely to increase up to $70,000 when you add a swimming pool. Remember that this increased value will further increase over time.

Did you know? 'Pool' is the #1 searched term on the real estate website Domain. This means a pool is a hugely sought after feature for potential buyers.

Is Financing a Pool a Smart Move?

The answer to this question is 'it depends'. This is not financial advice, and before you make a decision about financing a swimming pool, please seek professional financial advice.

That being said, Poolz has partnered with Australia's #1 Rated Finance company to provide unsecured Home Improvement loans at rates that are less than most home loans. At time of writing, the interest rate on offer is 5.24% p.a. (which equates to a comparison rate of 6.53% p.a.), which is substantially less than most home loans.

So in our view, financing a pool can be a smart move, especially if it gets you swimming sooner, and if you can better use your money elsewhere to generate higher returns than the interest on your pool loan!

Cost-Saving Tips for Building a Pool in Brisbane

If the thought of new pool costs is making you hesitant, or if you're keen on finding savings, you're in the right place. While some adventurous spirits choose to DIY their pool project or step into the role of project manager to cut costs, we've found this route can be quite stressful. The reality is, the savings—often between $5,000 to $10,000—might not always justify the extra workload and stress. At Poolz, we're here to make sure you get the best value without the extra hassle.

Discover other savvy strategies to trim your pool building budget without sacrificing quality or design. With the expertise of a seasoned Brisbane pool builder, you can achieve the pool of your dreams and still keep your wallet happy. Eager for insider tips? Grab your copy of our complimentary eBook, 'Building Your Dream Pool: The Ultimate Cost-Saving Handbook', and dive into a sea of savings today!

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How to save money building your dream swimming pool

What is the Average Total Cost of a New Pool in Brisbane?

All the pricing we've provided above relates to the swimming pool and it's standard inclusions and do not include all the other elements of an inground pool building project. So, what should you expect to pay all-in?

It is hard to provide an exact quote on an overall price for a Brisbane pool project, however it is common for homeowners to spend between $15,000 and $30,000 on top of the prices we've quoted above by the time they've added things like:

  • Variable speed pool pump (this is included in our higher quality options) - from $1,800
  • An upgraded sanitisation option, such as fresh water (uses ionisation for water sanitisation) - from $3,500, or ozone (uses ozone and salt water for sanitisation) - from $3,800
  • Pool automation (variety of options to control filtration, lighting, pool heating, water features, pool covers etc. remotely) - from $3,500
  • Robotic pool cleaner (this is included in our higher quality options)v- from $1,500 to $5,000
  • In-floor cleaning system - from $12,000
  • Fencing - the most popular is frameless glass fencing which is the most expensive option at $600/m installed
  • Pool heating - the most popular types are heat pump or solar - from $5,000

You can quickly see how things can add up beyond the price of the in ground pool shell.

Is it Possible to Get a Cheaper Pool in Brisbane?

In short, yes it may be possible to get a cheaper pool and there are companies out there that may quote you a pool price significantly ($5,000 to $10,000) under the prices we've shown you here. Why is that?

In some cases a Brisbane pool builder may use less subcontractors and therefore can reduce the prices charged in certain areas. One such example is excavation. If a pool builder owns and operates their own excavation equipment, they may pass on some savings to you. In other cases, the savings are coming due to three things:

  1. The quote is simply missing several items that should be included or are under-quoted (unfortunately, in our experience this is quite common). As an example, if your pool builder quotes $1,500 for excavation and soil removal, look out for a clause in the quote or contract which says something like "This price is provisional only and the actual price will be calculated after the work has been completed. You agree to pay any difference." In this instance, you can bet you're going to get a bill for the shortfall.
  2. Your pool is light on inclusions or is using sub-par quality inclusions. Every pool comes with a set of standard inclusions (equipment, pool interior etc.) like the ones we've outlined above. Check that your list of inclusions has everything you need, and also check the names and models of the equipment to make sure it's reasonable quality.
  3. The quality of workmanship may not be up to scratch. Pool building is a highly skilled trade and should be performed to Australian standards at a minimum. This means the concrete should be a minimum thickness, with a particular amount of reinforcing etc. If the price of your pool is substantially cheaper than other quotes you received, there's every chance corners are being cut.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you are hoping to add value to your primary asset, your home; and you want to swim in your pool for many years to come, don't try to save money only to find you end up paying more down the track in ongoing maintenance or other costs.

7 Pool Building Mistakes
Get independent advice before you build a pool: Avoid these 7 mistakes, find the best pool builder, don't get ripped off and know what questions to ask pool builders.


Building a swimming pool in Brisbane in 2024 is a significant investment, with costs varying based on pool type, size, quality, inclusions and specific property factors. To ensure you make the most informed decision and get the best value for your investment, we highly recommend you get multiple quotes from Brisbane pool builders to compare. The Poolz platform makes this easy. Simply click 'GET QUOTES', tell us about your dream pool and we'll connect you to the most suitable Brisbane pool builders (we have over 100 approved and working closely with us every day).

Additionally, take advantage of Poolz's array of free tools, including our pool price calculator and eBooks which are designed to guide homeowners through the pool building process. With these resources at your disposal, you can confidently navigate the complexities of pool construction, ensuring your family are enjoying your dream pool for years to come.

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