October 8, 2023
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Top Sydney Pool Builders: Your Guide to Building a Pool in Sydney

Discover Sydney's finest pool builders with this guide, highlighting unique design approaches, commitment to quality, and value for diverse lifestyles and budgets.

Tony Loxton
A stunning lap pool by one of Sydney's top pool builders

Looking to build a pool in Sydney? This comprehensive guide delivers insight into Sydney pool builders, keen on translating your vision into a backyard reality. Learn about each builder’s unique approach to design, their commitment to quality, and the value you’ll gain from their services, all tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Sydney’s leading pool builders specialise in a diverse array of custom designs, from the award-winning designs of Aquify Pools and Mr Pools, to the over 90 verified Poolz-certified builders ensuring quality and reliability for any project.
  • Sydney has a great selection of pool construction companies offering outstanding workmanship, personalised service and professional project management. As long as you select a high-quality builder, you can be confident you'll get a stunning pool that meets your needs and integrates beautifully with your property.
  • The cost of constructing a pool in Sydney varies significantly based on multiple factors, but when you are investing in your #1 asset, you home, we recommend you don't skimp on quality.
  • Poolz can take all the stress out of building a pool - we provide expert guidance, heaps of resources and can help you get quotes from the best Sydney pool builders in minutes.

Discovering Sydney's Premier Pool Builders

At Poolz we work with more than 90 of Sydney’s premier pool builders and can confidently say you're spoilt for choice. Each has their own unique strengths and specialties that set them apart. Whether you’re looking for award-winning elegance, champions of functionality, or verified excellence, Sydney’s pool builders have something to offer.

Award-Winning Fibreglass Pools: Aquify Pools

The Poolz Awards Best Hamptons Pool by Aquify Pools

Aquify Pools, a winner in the 2023 Poolz Awards, is synonymous with elegance and quality. Specialising in fiberglass pools, this award-winning pool builder is known for its modern and trendy designs and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Hamptons style aesthetic of their award-winning pool, complete with lush tropical greenery and elegant timber work, has gained them recognition and acclaim.

Award-Winning Concrete Pools: Mr Pools

The Poolz Awards Best Lap Pool by Mr Pools

Mr Pools excels in creating functional and stylish pool designs, as evidenced by their win in the Best Lap Pool and Best Pool + Landscaping categories in the 2023 Poolz Awards. Their modern designs, featuring glass mosaic tiling and natural stone, perfectly combines functionality with aesthetics.

Mr Pools is equipped to create a pool tailored to your needs, be it a lap pool or a pool and spa integrated with landscaping, ensuring your expectations are not just met but surpassed in the realm of swimming pools.

Verified Excellence: Poolz-Certified Builders

With Poolz, your dream pool is within reach. Poolz has rigorously vetted pool builders for quality, reliability, and customer service, ensuring that you get the pool of your dreams, no matter your budget or requirements. With over 90 verified pool building partners in Sydney, you’re sure to find a pool builder that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Custom Pool Design and Construction Services

Another stunning custom pool design by leading Sydney pool builder, Mr Pools

Sydney’s swimming pool builders offer a range of custom pool design and construction services that cater to the unique needs and preferences of every customer. These services include personalised service, expert project management, and quality workmanship.

Personalised Service: Tailoring Your Dream Pool

Sydney’s top pool builders offer personalised service to ensure that your pool is tailor-made to match your unique needs and preferences. From home site visits to discuss your preferences and design requirements to the creation of custom features such as feature walls and underwater benches, there are plenty of great pool builders who consistently deliver exceptional Sydney pool designs.

Project Management

Expert project management is crucial to a smooth pool construction process. Sydney’s top pool builders are adept at managing all aspects of pool construction, from custom design to securing council approvals and certifications.

With their hands-on approach and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your pool construction project will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Quality Workmanship: From Start to Finish

Quality workmanship is the cornerstone of a stunning pool. Sydney’s top pool builders use only the best materials and follow the highest construction standards to ensure that your pool lasts for years to come. Whether it’s the selection of materials or the final finishing touches, quality workmanship ensures a stunning pool from start to finish.

A Dive into Specialised Pool Types

A stunning infinity edge pool in Sydney's Northern Beaches

There’s a pool for every home and every need, and Sydney’s pool builders offer a range of specialised pools to cater to these needs. Whether you’re seeking the serenity of an infinity edge pool, the compact luxury of a plunge pool, or the functional appeal of a custom lap pool, there’s a pool out there for you.

The Serenity of Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity edge pools offer a serene and visually stunning addition to any property, especially those lucky enough to have a view, such as Sydney's North Shore. With their seamless edges and captivating visual effect, infinity edge pools create a sense of serenity and luxury that is unmatched.

The visual illusion of water extending beyond the pool’s edge evokes a feeling of infinity, making these pools a sought-after feature in luxury properties.

Compact Luxury: Plunge Pools

For those with limited space, plunge pools offer compact luxury. Despite their small size, plunge pools can provide an incredible upgrade to any backyard. They are particularly popular in Sydney due to small block sizes in the inner-city suburbs, and can be installed quickly, even being craned over an existing house or building.

Even in limited spaces, a swimming pool in the form of a plunge pool allows you to experience the luxury of a pool.

Athletic Ambition: Custom Lap Pools

For the fitness enthusiasts, custom lap pools are the perfect solution. These pools cater to  homeowners looking for a designated area for swimming laps, enabling them to sustain their fitness and training effectively. Custom lap pools can be personalised to fit the available area and may include additional amenities such as:

  • spa sections for post-workout relaxation
  • underwater treadmills for low-impact exercise
  • resistance jets for added challenge
  • heating systems for year-round use

With a custom lap pool, you can create the perfect space to meet your fitness goals and enjoy the benefits of swimming in the comfort of your own home.

Integrating Water Features

A pool is more than just a body of water; it’s the hero of your outdoor space. Integrating water features can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool and create a harmonious outdoor space.

Cascading Elegance: Water Features

Water features can add a touch of elegance to your pool. From fountains to waterfalls, water features can create a captivating centrepiece and establish a serene atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a simple water wall or a dramatic waterfall, Sydney’s pool builders can provide you with a range of water feature options to enhance your pool.

Pricing Insights for Your New Pool

Building a pool is an investment, and understanding the costs involved is crucial. This section provides pricing insights for your new pool, helping you understand cost factors, budget for quality, and experience the Poolz difference.

Let’s delve into the specifics now.

Understanding the Cost Factors

The cost of building a pool can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. From excavation costs to the cost of materials, understanding these cost factors can help you budget for your new pool.

The primary factors you need to understand are as follows:

  • site access - the harder it is for machinery to access your pool construction site, the more it costs
  • excavation challenges - in the event your property has rock or other excavation challenges, this can have a significant impact on cost
  • slope - if the site where you build your pool is sloping, this will require additional reinforcing during the pool construction process which of course will increase the price.

When it comes to the actual pool shell, the most popular options are concrete and fibreglass. Whilst a fibreglass new pool shell is typically a little cheaper than a custom concrete swimming pool, by the time you've included the cost of the crane to life the fibreglass pool shell into place, the price difference can be negligible for comparable pools.

Price your dream Sydney pool
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Budgeting for Quality

When it comes to building a pool, quality should never be compromised. While it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest quote, it’s important to remember that quality and reliability come with a certain price tag. A pool is a long-term investment, and opting for a cut-rate pool upfront may lead to higher maintenance and repair expenses over time.

Get Quotes in Minutes with Poolz

With Poolz, getting a quote for your new pool is as easy as a few clicks. Poolz connects you with multiple top-notch pool builders, allowing you to get quotes in minutes. These quotes are reliable and provided by carefully selected pool builders who are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, building a swimming pool in Sydney is an attainable dream. With the expertise of Sydney’s premier pool builders and Poolz in your corner supporting you throughout the initial quotes phase right through to completion, you’re well-equipped to embark on your pool building journey. Remember, a pool is more than just a body of water; it’s a long-term investment and a lifestyle choice. So, choose wisely, invest in quality, and enjoy the luxury of your dream pool.

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