January 6, 2024
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The Top 5 Pool Slides for Your Pool in 2024

Explore Australia's top pool slides in 2024 for safe, exhilarating fun. This guide compares design, user experience, and safety, ensuring an informed choice for family enjoyment.

Tony Loxton
Australia's best pool slides for 2024

When planning your dream pool, incorporating a pool slide is a fantastic way to amplify family fun and excitement. Adding a slide to your pool design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides endless entertainment for both kids and adults.

Finding the best pool slide is essential for safe, thrilling poolside entertainment. In this article, we directly compare top-rated pool slides of 2024 based on design, user-experience, and safety standards, guiding you to an informed purchase for years of family enjoyment.

Types of Pool Slides for Family Fun

A myriad of options are available when choosing a pool slide. Pool slides are commonly crafted from UV stabilised, fiberglass reinforced plastic (GRP) for enhanced durability and ultraviolet resistance. The manufacturing process of rotomolding is utilised to produce durable and high-quality slides, resulting in a lifespan of 15-20 years, notably surpassing the typical 5-10 years for fiberglass slides. As a great alternative to a diving board, these slides add an extra splash of fun to your pool.

Options for custom-designed pool slides include fully enclosed sections, half-tube open body rides with splash guards, or a combination of both. These designs are sometimes customisable, allowing you to transform a 270 Degree Slide into a Fully Enclosed Tube Slide, for instance. Additionally, a range of colour options are available to complement the aesthetic of any pool area.

Considering these factors, we’ve handpicked five standout slides that cater to a variety of needs and preferences:

  1. Best for Older Children is the heliX2, the Ultimate Spiral Slide.
  2. For Waterpark Thrills at Home, we recommend the TurboTwister.
  3. If you’re seeking a combination of Sleek Design and High-Speed Fun, the Rogue2 Slide is hard to beat.
  4. For an inflatable option, we suggest the Crocpad Megalo 3M Inflatable Pool Slide.
  5. Finally, for a cheaper alternative, an inflatable slide that transforms backyard pools into fun parks, look no further than the Wahu Supa-Doopa Pool Slide.

heliX2: The Ultimate Spiral Slide

The HeliX2 pool water slide

Price: $6,999


  • Colours include sandstone and gray granite
  • 360-degree flume
  • Patented fountain water feature
  • 113kg weight limit


  • Suitable for older children
  • Distinctive design
  • Easy assembly


  • Not suitable for very young children

A single individual can assemble the heliX2 slide in approximately one hour, in addition to bolting it to the pool deck. It’s this easy assembly and unique water feature that makes the heliX2 stand out from other slides in the market.

Rating: Design: 4.5/5

Ease of Assembly: 4.7/5

Fun Factor: 4.9/5

TurboTwister: For Waterpark Thrills at Home

The Turbo Twister pool slide

Price: $7,299


  • Waterpark-style design
  • Impressive height and size
  • 124kg weight limit
  • Water flow feature


  • Thrilling ride
  • Safety features
  • Suitable for various sizes of users


  • Requires more space
  • Pricey

You can bring the thrill of a waterpark right into your own backyard with the TurboTwister Slide. It’s large, with an impressive height and size, making it a favourite among kids and adults alike. The slide is designed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 124kg, ensuring that it can provide extra fun for adults too!

Prioritising safety, the TurboTwister slide incorporates features like an enclosed ladder, sturdy molded-in handrails and secures to the ground with 8-10 bolts for stability. This allows users to enjoy the excitement of the slide without compromising safety. The slide is equipped with a water flow feature that can be linked to a pool pump to achieve a greater water output compared to a typical garden hose, enhancing the overall sliding experience.

Rating: Design: 5/5

Safety: 4.8/5 Fun

Factor: 5/5

Rogue2 Slide: Sleek Design Meets High-Speed Fun

The Rogue2 pool slide by S.R. Smith

Price: $3,495


  • Sleek design
  • High-speed slide
  • Broader sliding surface


  • Cheaper than the other S.R. Smith slides
  • High-speed fun
  • Quick and easy assembly with helpful video


  • Some users complain the ladder can be unstable or wobbly

Offering a broader sliding surface than alternatives like the Interfab Wild Ride, the Rogue2 slide is a sleek, high-speed option. Users with basic tool skills can undertake the assembly of the Rogue2 slide on their own. The total hands-on assembly time is approximately 4 hours, and it is aided by a helpful video from SR Smith.

Users found it convenient to connect water to the Rogue2 slide from their pool using a booster pump, which they perceived as a more effective option compared to using a separate tap and hose. The slide’s sleek design, high-speed thrill, and easy assembly process make the Rogue2 a standout choice for anyone seeking to add some serious fun to their pool.

Rating: Design: 4.7/5

Ease of Assembly: 4.5/5 Fun

Factor: 4.8/5

Crocpad Megalo 3M Inflatable Pool Slide

The Crocpad Megalo pool slide

Price: $1,939.00


  • Inflatable design
  • 3m length
  • 250kg weight limit


  • High quality construction
  • Can be used in pools, lakes, or rivers
  • Equipped with 7 climbing handles and a safety falling wall
  • High weight limit


  • Requires careful handling to prevent punctures
  • Expensive compared to other inflatable options, but quality comes at a price

With its unique inflatable design, the Crocpad Megalo 3M inflatable pool slide offers something different in the market. It is constructed with commercial-grade materials for strong durability and long-lasting performance in the hot Aussie sun. I can be used alongside a floating water mat and is adaptable for use in different water environments including pools, lakes, or rivers. The slide is equipped with safety features such as 7 climbing handles and a safety falling wall to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for users.

Rating: Design: 4.6/5 Safety: 4.8/5 Fun Factor: 4.7/5

Wahu Supa-Doopa Pool Slide

The Wahu Supa Doopa pool slide

Price: $300


  • Inflatable design
  • 2.2m length
  • 70kg weight limit


  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick to setup
  • Easy to store and move


  • May not be as durable as the other options in this list
  • The 70kg weight limit means adults can't use it

For those seeking a budget-friendly inflatable slide, the Wahu Supa-Doopa Pool Slide is a perfect option.

With dimensions of 170cm in width, 220cm in depth, and 120cm in height, and a weight limit of 70kg, the Wahu Supa-Doopa Pool Slide can comfortably accommodate most children and is easy to store and move when not in use. Though not as durable as non-inflatable options, its affordable price and massive design make it a popular choice for summer entertainment.

Rating: Design: 4.4/5

Ease of Assembly: 4.5/5

Fun Factor: 4.6/5

Choosing the Perfect Pool Slide: What You Need to Know

Several factors have to be considered when choosing the perfect pool slide. If you’re dealing with a small pool area, a compact pool slide like the Cyclone Slide, specifically designed to accommodate limited deck space and smaller pools, could be the perfect fit. Additionally, consider the aesthetics of your pool area.

Safety First: Ensuring Your Pool Slide is a Safe Addition

Selecting and installing a pool slide should always prioritise safety. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • All slides should comply with mandatory Australian safety standards
  • Slides should have secure handrails and durable steps
  • Slides should be installed and secured properly according to the instructions

By considering these factors, you can ensure that your pool slide is safe for use.

The slide should also be installed over water not less than three feet deep.

Installation Insights: Preparing Your Pool for a Slide

Depending on the chosen slide style, you’ll need to ensure you have the space. All slides provide their measurements specs so you can work out if it will fit poolside at your house. A garden hose hookup can be utilised for the water supply if a direct connection to the pool’s water system is not viable. Given the complexity of the installation of some slides, professional assistance is strongly advisable, though it can be costly.


In conclusion, a pool slide can significantly enhance the fun and excitement of your backyard pool. Whether you want a sleek, high-speed slide like the Rogue2, a waterpark-style slide like the TurboTwister, or an inflatable option like the Crocpad Megalo 3M or Wahu Supa-Doopa, there’s a pool slide to suit every preference and budget. By considering the size of your pool area, your aesthetic preferences, and safety requirements, you can find the perfect pool slide for your backyard oasis.

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