December 1, 2023
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The Poolz Awards Winners in 2023

The Poolz Awards are Australia's premiere swimming pool awards, attracting more than a thousand entries across 20 categories. Every pool is also entered into the People's Choice categories to be voted on by the public.

Tony Loxton
Australia's Best Swimming Pool and overall winner of the 2023 Poolz Awards is Aqua Paradise

After tallying up thousands of public votes and collating points from a panel of industry experts, Poolz has announced Australia’s best pools for 2023.

The Poolz Awards Winner Announced Live on Today

Watch as the Aqua Paradise owners receive the overall winners 'Australia's Best Pool' award in the 2023 Poolz Awards on live TV!

Australia's Best Pool - Overall Winner

The Poolz Awards - Australia's Best Pool for 2023

The aptly-named ‘Aqua Paradise’ got the most overall votes and has been declared Australia’s best pool in the inaugural Poolz Awards.

The luxury resort-style pool has been named Best Modern Pool, scoring top marks for its sleek design, modern grandeur and how it blends seamlessly into its architecturally designed Donvale home. The Melbourne masterpiece also took out Most Insta-Worthy Pool, in large part due to its picturesque wading area, an underwater glass window into the underground games room, and unique acrylic viewing panel which perfectly mirrors the garden steps and offers crystal-clear underwater viewing.

Byron Bonner from Aloha Pools said the custom concrete pool required a great deal of thought, planning and detailed drawings to achieve the desired result.

“Aside from being unapologetically large and jaw-droppingly beautiful, the sheer size of this pool is astounding. The pool is 20m by 4m plus a shallow wading pool and wraparound ‘pond’ which stretches the pool all the way around the side of the house to the front. It looks like a resort pool and functions like one too, with a commercial hydraulic and filtration system, and heating such a large body of water is a challenge in itself. The spill over “knife edge” isn't just for looks - it minimises the heat loss and water reduction of the pool. Aqua Paradise was a challenging build, particularly with the inclusion of an underwater window into the house and the fine detail required to make the side viewing panel line up perfectly, but there’s no doubt it was one of the most special and rewarding projects we’ve worked on,” Byron said.

The Best Pools by Category

A panel of industry experts judged the 20 main award categories on form, function and first impressions, with the following pools taking out each award:

Best Modern Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Modern Pool for 2023

Winner: Aqua Paradise by Aloha Pools – Donvale, Melbourne VIC

Most ‘Insta’ Worthy Pool

The Poolz Awards - Most Insta Worthy Pool for 2023

Winner: Aqua Paradise by Aloha Pools – Donvale, Melbourne VIC

Best Infinity Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Infinity Pool for 2023

Winner: Elwood by Blue Pools and Spas – Elwood, Melbourne VIC

Best Pool on a Steep Slope

The Poolz Awards - Best Pool on a Steep Slope for 2023

Winner: Forest Bliss by Blue Pools and Spas -  Belgrave Heights, Melbourne VIC

Best Pool and Entertainment Area

The Poolz Awards - Best Pool + Entertainment Area for 2023

Winner: Maiden Gully by Summertime Pools – Maiden Gully, Bendigo VIC

Best Pool with a View

The Poolz Awards - Best Pool with a View for 2023

Winner: What a beach! by Shipping Container Pools – St Andrews Beach, Mornington Peninsula VIC

Best Lap Pool

The Pools Awards - Best Lap Pool for 2023

Winner: An Exquisite Luxury Lap Pool by Mr Pools – Northbridge, Sydney NSW

Best Pool and Landscaping

The Pools Awards - Best Pool + Landscaping for 2023

Winner: Trendy Inner-City Pool Space by Mr Pools – Annandale, Sydney NSW

Best Hamptons-Style Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Hamptons Style Pool for 2023

Winner: Collaroy by Aquify Pools – Collaroy, Sydney NSW

Most Challenging Pool Build

The Poolz Awards - Most Challenging Pool Build for 2023

Winner: Cardiff by Soaked Pools – Carss Park, Sydney NSW

Best Pool and Slide

The Poolz Awards - Best Pool + Slide for 2023

Winner: Thirroul by Oceanscape Pools – Thirroul NSW

Best Family Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Family Pool for 2023

Winner: Bigger is Better by Vogue Pools – Tumbi Umbi, Central Coast NSW

Best Resort-Style Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Resort Style Pool for 2023

Winner: Resort by Norfolk Pools – Gold Coast QLD

Australia's Most Expensive Pool

The Poolz Awards - Australia's Most Expensive Pool for 2023

Winner: Aqua Paradise by Aloha Pools - Donvale, Melbourne VIC

Australia’s Coolest Pool

The Poolz Awards - Australia's Coolest Pool for 2023

Winner: Bundall by Broadwater Pools and Spas - Bundall, Gold Coast QLD

Best Pool Design for a Small Yard

The Poolz Awards - Best Pool Design for a Small Yard for 2023

Winner: Inner City Oasis by Rogers Pools - Hamilton, Brisbane QLD

Best Glass Window Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Glass Window Pool for 2023

Winner: Coorparoo by Broadwater Pools and Spas – Coorparoo, Brisbane QLD

Best Out of Ground Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Out of Ground Pool for 2023

Winner: New Farm by Norfolk Pools - New Farm, Brisbane QLD

Best Pool and Spa

The Poolz Awards - Best Pool + Spa for 2023

Winner: Stunning Pool and Spa by Taylor’d Pools – Clontarf, Moreton Bay QLD

Best Acreage Pool

The Poolz Awards - Best Acreage Pool for 2023

Winner: Folewood – The ‘Ultimo’ by Countrywide Pools – Toodyay, WA

People's Choice Winners

After counting the thousands of votes in the remaining three People’s Choice categories, one of the biggest and most expensive pools entered in the competition, located at Coorparoo Brisbane, won Best Concrete Pool, a picturesque pool east of Perth took out Best Fibreglass Pool and an inner-city oasis in Brisbane took out Best Plunge Pool.

Founder and CEO of Poolz Tony Loxton said judging the awards was a tough job.

“Australia is home to some stunning pools - we are absolutely obsessed with backyard pools and go the extra mile on water features, spas, slides, benches and mind-boggling designs high above the ground, on steep slopes and in tight spaces. The Poolz Awards show off Australia’s biggest, boldest and most beautiful pools, as well as the downright whacky and absolutely exorbitant. The awards are a well-deserved pat on the back for the world-class talent in the local pool industry and provide a visual feast of pool ‘inspo’ as well as all the latest and greatest in pool and spa trends,” Tony said. is a world-first online pool marketplace which simplifies the process of building and owning a swimming pool by connecting homeowners with all the tools and resources to make their dream pool a reality, while also offering a single hub for Australia’s most reputable pool industry professionals to offer their services and receive quality leads.

For more information and to see all the entrants in the Poolz Awards visit

Tony Loxton
Founder & CEO of Poolz
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