January 7, 2024
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Pool Installation: When is the Best Time to Install a Swimming Pool?

Plan your pool installation in Australia with ease! This guide covers timing, cost, and seamless execution, ensuring a perfect addition to your home.

Rhiannon Royall
Installing a new swimming pool with one of Australia's leading pool installation companies is easy if you trust Poolz

Are you tackling the challenge of pool installation? Timing, cost, and seamless execution are at the forefront of your mind. The best period for pool construction depends on your climate – usually the dry season or winter. Costs range based on pool size and excavation complexity. This guide unpacks these details, helping you chart a clear path for your pool installation project.

Key Takeaways

  • The best time for pool installation is during the dry season or winter to avoid weather-related delays, with winter offering the advantage of less busy schedules for pool installation companies.
  • Strategic planning of pool installation and landscaping is crucial, including plant choice and placement for better integration and scheduling with other trades to reduce delays.
  • Securing the necessary permits and approvals is critical to the pool installation process.

When is the Best Time to Install a Swimming Pool?

Pool installation starts with excavation

Choosing when to install your new swimming pool can have a big influence on how smoothly your project runs. This decision can impact various aspects such as the pool cost and the landscaping process. So, when should you schedule your new pool installation?

The optimal time for a stress-free pool installation is during the dry season or winter, depending on your location. This timeframe offers several benefits:

  • Reduces the likelihood of weather-related delays
  • Pool installation companies and the supporting trades (e.g. fencing, decking, tiling etc.) are not as busy during winter
  • Having your new pool and landscaping installed in time for spring can give the new plants a much needed boost.

Installing a Pool in the Dry Season

Scheduling your pool installation in the dry season is a smart strategy. This timing minimises the risk of wet weather delays, leading to a smoother excavation and construction process. Wet weather can cause significant delays when building a pool, impacting:

  • the excavation process
  • concreting
  • tiling
  • other trades.

Heavy rain can pose challenges during the initial stages of pool installation, making the dry season a preferred time for installation. With less chance of rain to interrupt the process, your dream pool can come to life without unnecessary delays and the extra costs that sometimes come with delays.

Summer vs Winter for Pool Installation

Summer may seem like an opportune time to install a pool; after all, it’s when you most likely envision using it. But, winter is the quieter time of year for pool installation companies, making it an ideal time to schedule the project.

In Australia, for example, the start of summer is the busiest time of year for pool installation due to the hot Aussie Christmas season - everyone wants to be swimming by Christmas! So by installing your new pool in winter, you're giving plenty of time  to complete your project without the Christmas rush.

Pool Installation & Landscaping

Pool and landscape design using 3D software

Thoughtful planning of your dream pool installation and all the other elements that go into a project like this is key to success. Landscaping is typically a big part of a new pool install, so paying particular attention to the landscaping requirements and the design of the pool surroundings is important.  

The final phase of the inground pool installation process involves the development of the surrounding area and landscaping, including:

  • The installation of pool decking or tiling and fencing
  • Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Adding outdoor furniture and accessories
  • Installing lighting fixtures
  • Creating pathways and walkways

These elements help to elevate the visual appeal of the pool area and create an integrated outdoor space. Planning for these aspects is crucial to the success of your pool installation.

Pool Surrounds & Softscaping

Pool surrounds are a hugely important part of a new pool installation project

Initiating pool installation in winter allows plants to settle and establish roots during spring, ahead of the summer heat. This is especially important for the less 'sturdy' plants which are susceptible to the summer heat. That being said, all plants will have a better chance of survival and are more likely to thrive in their new setting if they are in the planted during spring.

Having your pool installed during this time is also a great opportunity to work with pool builders, as they tend to have more availability, resulting in a more seamless and stress-free installation process.

Other Pool Installation Trades

Apart from the pool builders, other specialised trades participate in the pool installation process, such as those involved in decking, tiling, and fencing. Scheduling new pool installation in the winter is also likely to result in easier access to these trades, as they tend to have more availability during this season.

There may even be cost-savings as a result of installing your pool in winter as some pool trades are so busy during summer that their prices go up for this time of year.

Planning and Approvals for Pool Installation

Comprehensive planning and securing necessary permits and approvals comprise critical initial steps for a smooth and stress-free pool installation process. Key factors to consider include:

  • Identification of any easements
  • Identification of main sewer lines
  • Identification of other significant obstacles that require careful consideration during the construction process.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to be aware of the required documentation and authorisations for the installation of a pool. Most pool builders will handle most of this for you, however it can take anywhere from a few weeks (if you're lucky) up to a few months.

Design and Planning

Comprehensive design and planning prior to new swimming pool installation are vital to make any necessary modifications or adjustments. The timeline for proper swimming pool design and planning can vary, with most households taking between 1 and 3 months on average for the process.

Common regrets we hear form pool owners to avoid in the design and planning of swimming pools include:

  • Not getting multiple quotes
  • Going with the cheapest quote
  • Omitting a spa
  • Neglecting shade provision
  • Overlooking the extension of the second step for relaxing
  • Inadequate research
  • Failure to establish a realistic budget
  • Not consulting the council before installation
  • Overlooking the placement as a crucial design element
  • Neglecting safety features.

Poolz had a huge number of resources to assist you with pool installation, from planning and design, to assessing quotes and contracts, doing checks on your pool builder and more.

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Obtaining Permits and Approvals

Securing permits and approvals constitutes an important step in the pool installation process. In order to obtain a swimming pool installation permit, it is necessary to submit a building permit application containing comprehensive drawings and specifications of the proposed pool, spa, safety barrier, and water recirculation system.

The typical duration for obtaining a swimming pool installation permit ranges from 2 to 6 weeks (hopefully), however this can vary based on the involved council or certifier. Therefore, it’s vital to factor this into your overall pool installation timeline to avoid any delays or complications.

Excavation Process and Costs

Familiarising oneself with the excavation process and the associated costs of pool installation aids in budgeting and curbing expenses. Several variables, such as the dimensions and depth of the pool, soil composition, and site accessibility, can influence the excavation costs for a new pool. Larger pools often necessitate more resources and on-site labor, leading to higher overall expenses.

Additionally, access challenges may surface when the property topography is uneven or when obstacles like existing structures are present at the pool construction site. This is why it’s crucial to obtain a precise quote before engaging a pool building team to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the total expenses associated with the excavation and installation of the pool, facilitating precise budgeting and reducing the risk of unexpected costs.

Factors Affecting Excavation Costs

The pool’s size and depth can influence excavation costs. Larger and deeper pools will require more excavation work and soil removal, thus leading to a cost increase. In addition, the cost of pool excavation can be influenced by the soil type in the area. Soft ground is generally easier to excavate and may result in lower costs, whereas hard and stony ground can pose greater difficulty and lead to higher expenses.

Therefore, understanding these factors and planning accordingly can significantly help in managing and reducing the excavation costs, ensuring a smoother and more budget-friendly pool installation process.

Poolz Pro Tip: Soil disposal can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of your pool and your location in Australia (Sydney is the most expensive!). Finding a free local tip site where someone wants your dirt, instead of paying the council to dispose of your dirt, can save 100% of that cost.


In conclusion, installing a swimming pool is a significant investment that needs careful planning and execution. From choosing the best time for installation to understanding the excavation process and its costs, every step is critical. By following the guidelines shared in this guide, you can ensure a stress-free and successful pool installation process that transforms your backyard into a relaxing oasis.

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