October 10, 2023
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Pool Fencing Costs in Australia

If you’ve read our detailed information on Pool Fencing Laws and Regulations and The Poolz Guide to Selecting the Best Pool Fence, you’re now probably wondering how much your new pool fence is likely to cost? Well, you’ve landed in the right place because in this guide we summarise the 4 different pool fencing installation methods, answer the 5 most frequently asked questions about pool fencing costs, and give you a great cost-saving tip that could save you thousands! Okay, let’s dive straight into it!

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Pool fencing cost in Australia

The 4 Pool Fence Installation Methods

  1. Your pool builder includes the pool fencing in their contract then sub-contracts the work to a preferred pool fencing installer with a proven track record of meeting the pool builder’s expectations. This method requires zero input from you, so it can be more expensive than the following methods as your pool builder may put a margin on the pool fencing installer’s work to account for their project management time.
  2. Your pool builder recommends 1 or 2 licensed pool fence installers and gives you their contact details so you can hire and pay them directly. This means you liaise between the pool fence installer and your pool builder to ensure the overall building schedule is not compromised and your pool project is completed on time. This method can result in your pool builder receiving a commission for referring the pool fence installer which may also increase the cost of your pool fencing.
  3. You hire your own pool fence installer. This method is generally less expensive than the above methods, however it can lead to plenty of finger pointing between your pool builder and pool fence installer if things go wrong. Whereas, if your pool builder and pool fence installer have completed other projects together, they are more likely to have established a good working relationship.
  4. You install the pool fence yourself. Various pool fencing materials are available as a DIY kit which include all the necessary components such as panels, posts, post brackets, and a hinged pool gate with a self-closing latch. Although this may initially appear to be the cheapest method, it can lead to costly rectification work being required if your pool fence is not certified because it does not comply with relevant Pool Fencing Laws and Regulations in your area.

Hiring a Professional Pool Fence Installer

While DIY installation of pool fencing can be a rewarding project, there are definite advantages to hiring a professional as they bring with them skills and experience that ensure the job is done right, efficiently, and in compliance with all regulations.

By engaging a professional pool fence installer, you can benefit from their expertise in selecting the appropriate fence and circumventing potential issues. When hiring a pool fence installer, we recommend requesting a written quote which specifies -

  • they are fully insured and licensed to install pool fencing in your area
  • the type of pool fence and gate(s) including a detailed breakdown of all materials (type, colour, size etc)
  • the total linear meters of pool fencing being installed
  • the installation period and if any sub-contractors will be used
  • the guarantee and warranty periods for workmanship and materials
  • examples of previous pool fence installations and a list of client referrals

Which Pool Fence Installation method is recommended?

Engaging your pool builder to project manage your pool fence installation generally delivers the greatest peace of mind and makes it easier for you to address any issues that may arise in the future. For example, if the latch on your pool gate fails, the pool fence installer may blame your pool builder by saying the concrete has dropped, and your pool builder may blame the pool fence installer by saying it’s a faulty gate latch. Whereas if you engage the pool builder to manage your entire pool project, they will fix the problem regardless of who or what might to be to blame.

Additionally, swimming pools with a pebble finish cannot be pebbled until the pool fence has been certified as the pebbles cannot be stored directly in the sun. Therefore, the pool needs to be filled with water on the same day (or day after) the pebble finish has been applied, so if your pool fence has not been certified by the scheduled pebble date during peak pool building seasons, it can result in lengthy delays (up to several months) before the pebble finish can be applied. The likelihood of this occurring is significantly lower when the pool builder is engaged to manage the entire project.

The 5 most frequently asked questions about Pool Fencing Costs

Does the cost of pool fencing include installation?

Yes. Unless you purchase your pool fence as a DIY kit, pool fencing costs in Australia include installation.

How much does it cost to fence a pool in Australia?

Depending on the size of your pool enclosure, the type of pool fence, the complexity of the installation, and the cost of labour in your area, the cost to install a fence around a pool can range between approximately $200 to $800 per linear metre. In other words, that is the approximate price you will pay for every metre of pool fencing required to enclose your pool.

What is the cheapest type of pool fence in Australia?

Wood or timber pool fencing is typically considered the least expensive to install, however it is more susceptible to rotting and insect damage than other types of pool fencing so it is generally not as durable and requires more regular maintenance such as sealing, staining, and painting.

What is the most expensive type of pool fence in Australia?

Frameless glass pool fencing is often regarded as the most expensive type of pool fence in Australia however it offers the best supervision capabilities and typically complements every pool area due to its transparent qualities and timeless appeal. Depending on the size of your pool area, natural stone pool fencing can also be an expensive option due to the cost of material and labour required to instal.

What factors impact the cost of a new pool fence?

The main factors impacting the cost of installing a new pool fence can be summarised as follows –

  • the type of pool fence selected
  • the total linear meters of pool fencing required\
  • the cost of labour in your area
  • the overall condition of your land (ie: the slope, soil type etc may result in additional work to install the pool fence)
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Pool Fencing Cost-saving Tip

Pool fencing in Australia is typically priced in linear meters based on standard panel sizes that are either 2400mm or 3000mm wide. Custom-sized pool fencing panels are also available however they are often significantly more expensive, so to save money on your pool fencing without comprising the desired look of your dream backyard oasis, we recommend selecting standard pool fence panels where possible, and building your pool near your property’s boundary fence.

If you can build your new pool in the corner of your property, it will enable you to utilise the boundary fence on two sides of the pool which reduces the total amount of pool fencing required by up to 50%. Based on the below example, installing a popular-sized 8m x 4m swimming pool, this simple strategy could potential save you up to $9,600!

Pool size: 8m x 4m

Pool Fence Type: Frameless Glass

Pool Fence cost: approx. $600 per meter

Total Pool Fencing required: 32 meters (allows for a 1m gap between fence and pool edge)

Total Cost: $600 per meter x 32 meters = $19,200 less 50% = $9,600!

Important note: When using part of your property boundary fence to enclose your pool, it may be necessary to upgrade or complete some modifications to ensure the boundary fence is in good repair and complies with Pool Fencing Laws and Regulations. For example, in Southeast Queensland the boundary fence must be 1800m (1.8m) high and splash proof if it is within 1.5m of the pool.

For more cost-saving tips like this, check out our ebook written by pool builders: Building Your Dream Pool: The Ultimate Cost-Saving Handbook.


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