July 14, 2023
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Maintenance & Care

Infographic: Pool maintenance schedule

Download the Poolz pool maintenance schedule to keep your pool sparkling and ready for swimming.

Tony Loxton
Pool maintenance schedule checklist

Download the pool maintenance schedule

Poolz has put together this handy maintenance schedule that you can print and put on your fridge to keep you on track with your pool care and maintenance tasks.

Simply right click on the image and download it.
Pool care and maintenance schedule infographic
Tony Loxton
Founder & CEO of Poolz
Tony, a seasoned expert in sales, marketing, and technology, has propelled iconic brands like Mercedes Benz and Chanel. His mission with Poolz is to simplify the process of designing, building and owning a swimming pool by offering a platform that paves the way for smoother interactions between homeowners and pool industry professionals.
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