September 28, 2023
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How to write a great entry for The Poolz Awards

The Poolz Awards is the only place for the Australian public to vote on the pools they love, so the aim of this brief article is to help you write a great awards entry and showcase your expertise to thousands of homeowners actively looking to build their dream pool.

Rhiannon Royall
How to write an entry in The Poolz Awards for Australia's best swimming pools

Two quick tips for writing your awards entry.

Keep it short and sweet

To captivate attention and maximise interest, your awards entry should be between 5 to 8 sentences long and ideally focus on the following disciplines used by The Poolz Awards judges to vote on each pool –

  1. First impression - Initial feeling upon first seeing the entry.
  2. Form - Composition including shape, style, features, and design aspects such as use of lines and/or curves.
  3. Function - Usability and practicality. Is the space cohesive and inviting?
  4. Materials - Use of materials, colour, interior finish, coping tiling, lighting etc
  5. Environment - Does the pool blend with the home and highlight (or hide) key aspects of its proximate surroundings?

Use a thesaurus

Using a thesaurus helps you incorporate strong adjectives which makes it easier for the reader to visualise themselves enjoying your stunning pool and in turn improves the likelihood of them voting for your awards entry.

Awards entry examples

The following examples highlight three different ways to describe the same awards entry.

Good description

This 9 x 5 pool is fully tiled and has a heated spa. The owners can enjoy their pool and entertain here all year round with the surrounding fire pit and pool house.

Better description

The pool takes full advantage of the views from all angles. This 9 x 5m pool is fully tiled and boasts a window in the infinity wall. Tones of white has been used throughout the pool and pool house to provide a sophisticated area that compliments the executive home.

Best description

Soak up the city views from the fully tiled pool or heated spa as the water gently cascades over the infinity edge. This custom designed pool adds luxury and style to the gorgeous space.

To achieve the design brief of ‘Boutique sleek hotel with touch of Instagram-worthy thrown in’, we included all the 2023 must-haves into this stunning 9 x 5 metre pool, from tiled lounging ledge to inviting heated spa, and of course, that incredible window!

Zones and levels were the key design focus for this project. The elegant space organically incorporates a fully stocked pool house and sunken fire pit to deliver entertainment zones which can be enjoyed either separately or together, and the multi-level design leverages the pool window and infinity edge to make water the featured bonding element between each zone.


As the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so to complement the above entry writing tips and examples, we highly recommend reading our other The Poolz Awards article, Moments of Reflection: Pool photography made easy in 5 simple steps.

Rhiannon Royall
Pool Builder Operations
I'm a pool enthusiast turned designer with 25 years of industry experience. Creating dream pools is my passion, and I'm thrilled to help builders and homeowners bring their visions to life through Poolz.
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