Poster on Pool Building Site Etiquette: 5 Ways to Boost Your Five Star Reviews

Download this poster on pool building site etiquette to help your team deliver a service standard worthy of achieving consistent 5-star customer reviews.
Site etiquette for pool builders to get 5 star reviews
Site etiquette for pool builders to get 5 star reviews

Pool building site etiquette matters

Homeowners might not always say anything to your or your team when they're not happy with on-site behaviour, but they'll be sure to tell everyone else!

Simple rules for pool building work sites

To keep your customers happy, ask your pool building team to follow these simple rules...

  • Always take your shoes off before you enter the house, even if the homeowner says you don't need to
  • Always dispose of rubbish in bins or take offsite
  • Never swear or smoke and always ask permission before playing music
  • Plus the other simple rules highlighted on the poster
Pool building site rules and guidelines poster

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Why should I use Poolz?
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As a pool building professional, using Poolz offers several benefits. First and foremost, Poolz connects you with qualified homeowner leads who are actively seeking your services. This means you can access high-value potential customers who are genuinely looking to buy. 

Not to mention, Poolz homeowner leads are:

  1. Qualified to convert - when requesting quotes, they see the estimated price of their pool in real-time and only proceed if that price is within their budget. Simply, Poolz leads convert and more than double any other source of leads.
  2. Educated to make your life easier - we provide loads of education material for homeowners to help them understand everything from design, to build and maintenance. We also hold their hands and educate them along their pool buying journey to make your life easier.
  3. Cost effective to save you money - it is completely free to see Poolz leads, and you only pay when you want to quote on a job. That means there is zero risk to you. On top of that, the cost per lead is far cheaper than your own marketing and advertising efforts.

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