Poolz for Pros: How Poolz Works for Pool Professionals

Poolz exists to help you grow your sales revenue and save time, effort and money by sending you only high quality, pre-qualified leads, when you need them. 
Learn more about Poolz, the ultimate solution for pool industry professionals
Learn more about Poolz, the ultimate solution for pool industry professionals

Poolz delivers results for pool builders

Our service, product and pricing delivers maximum benefit to pool industry professionals all over Australia.

See the benefits, fast.

Poolz are committed to matching the right homeowners with the right pool professionals.

  • We match the expectations of homeowners with the right professionals.
  • We only provide leads that are customised to your requirements.
  • We ensure homeowner budgets align with your expectations.
  • We manage homeowner expectations to make your life easier.
  • We increase your sales conversion rate.
Poolz real-time pool price estimator

It’s a fantastic way for pool builders to get more leads without doing the marketing themselves, saving valuable time. In over 20 years in the pool industry, this platform is one of the best initiatives I have seen for marketing – I’ve recommended it to all my pool builders.

Larry Langdon
Leisure & Nexus Pools

Our experience with Poolz has been invaluable to our business. Their expertise in providing well-matched leads has significantly enhanced our success rate. We highly recommend poolz as a reliable and trustworthy source of leads.

Tom Brook
Award Winning Group

Poolz has consistently delivered outstanding pool leads to our company. Their attention to detail, understanding of client budgets, and ability to match expectations has been impressive.

Tom Brooke
Award Winning Group

After Tony approached me to trial the Poolz solution during its initial testing phase, I was blown away by the quality, and budgets of the leads I received. From the 4 leads I received, 2 resulted in site visits and both turned into quick sales with contract values over $120k each.

Rhiannon Royall
Ecozen Pools & Landscapes

Frequently asked questions

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Where do I sign up to Poolz?
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Click here to join the largest network of pool professionals in Australia. We are excited to have you!

What is a homeowner lead?
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A homeowner lead refers to a person who has completed the GET QUOTES form on the Poolz website.

When homeowners submit their project details through Poolz, we capture comprehensive information to ensure that you have all the necessary details to know if the lead is a good match for your business. This includes information such as their pool preferences, estimated project price, address, site access, slope, desired pool type, size and shape, preferred timeline, and more. 

What if I can't contact a homeowner lead?
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The key to contacting a homeowner lead is being prompt. Research has proven that efficient follow up is critical. If you are unable to contact a homeowner after multiple attempts, we recommend varying your approach - if you've been calling, try emailing and sending an SMS. We understand that not all leads may be responsive at all times and recommend that you make it easy for the homeowner to communicate with you by giving them options. 

We also recommend that you offer the opportunity for the homeowner to book time in your calendar - this is a great way to stop playing phone tag and ensure both parties know what is happening.

What is a local area lead?
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A local area lead refers to a lead that matches your specified services, budget, and pool type AND is located within a 10-20km radius of your nominated office or home base address (which you specify in the Poolz supplier portal). 

Local area leads give you the opportunity to build pools closer to your preferred work area, reducing travel times and enhancing efficiency. By connecting you with local area leads, Poolz aims to help you spend less time in the car and more time doing what you care about.

How quickly do I need to provide a quote to a homeowner?
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We are big on first impressions, so we would highly recommend you contact the homeowner within minutes of purchasing the lead on our platform! At a minimum, we would expect you to contact the homeowner with 24-48 hours after purchasing the lead.

Prompt follow up has been widely proven to have a big impact on sales conversion, so the faster you reach out to the homeowner, the more likely you will be to win the job. 

If you are unable to get in touch with the homeowner, we suggest sending them information about your company and a provisional quote or estimate based on the information you have available. This gives the homeowner a better understanding of your company and services. 

This initial communication and provisional quote enables the homeowner to learn more about your company, services and suitability for their specific needs.  

This proactive approach sets a positive impression and helps to move the conversation forward towards a successful project collaboration.

Why should I use Poolz?
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As a pool building professional, using Poolz offers several benefits. First and foremost, Poolz connects you with qualified homeowner leads who are actively seeking your services. This means you can access high-value potential customers who are genuinely looking to buy. 

Not to mention, Poolz homeowner leads are:

  1. Qualified to convert - when requesting quotes, they see the estimated price of their pool in real-time and only proceed if that price is within their budget. Simply, Poolz leads convert and more than double any other source of leads.
  2. Educated to make your life easier - we provide loads of education material for homeowners to help them understand everything from design, to build and maintenance. We also hold their hands and educate them along their pool buying journey to make your life easier.
  3. Cost effective to save you money - it is completely free to see Poolz leads, and you only pay when you want to quote on a job. That means there is zero risk to you. On top of that, the cost per lead is far cheaper than your own marketing and advertising efforts.

If you have any questions, simply reach out to our friendly team on

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