The Ultimate Dig Day Checklist: Be Prepared for the Most Critical Day of Your Pool Build

The pool dig is one of the most exciting stages of building a new pool, however it can also be very dusty, noisy, and potentially dangerous too. So, to ensure you are best prepared for what to expect on your scheduled dig day and to help everything run as smoothly as possible, the experts at Poolz have created this extensive checklist for you. 
Dig day is the most important day of your pool build, be prepared with this checklist from POOLZ
Dig day is the most important day of your pool build, be prepared with this checklist from POOLZ

Be prepared for this critical day

Dig day is the most critical day of your pool building project, so this checklist outlines what you should do and expect before, during, and after your pool excavation takes place.

What's included in the checklist?

This dig day checklist ensures you are well-informed and fully-prepared by outlining...

  • The 10 things you need to do as early as possible before dig day.
  • The four things you need to do the DAY BEFORE dig day.
  • The six things you need to do ON dig day.
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Frequently asked questions

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Why is dig day such an important day in the pool building process?
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Dig day is the most important day in your pool building process for many reasons, including:

  • It is the first time that your pool starts to become a reality - when you see a huge hole going into your yard!
  • It can have a big impact on the overall cost of your pool - for example, if the excavator finds rock under the ground, this may cause the dig to take two or three days instead of one,
  • There is considerable risk when digging a huge hole - are the services pipes actually in the location marked on the plans? Is there anything else unexpected underground?
  • Having large excavators and trucks on your property can cause damage to gardens, lawns and other elements of your property that you really care about.

For all these reasons, dig day is a critical day in your pool building process and it is really important to be well prepared, and to have realistic expectations.

What do I need to prepare for a pool building project?
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Preparing for a pool building project involves several important considerations to ensure a smooth and successful construction process and end result. The list is too long to cover off in this FAQ, so instead, please download our Pool Buyers Checklist here as this comprehensively covers this topic.

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