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Folewood - The "Ultimo"

Toodyay WA
The customer's brief was clear and compelling: they desired a lap pool that not only catered to their swimming needs but also maximized the panoramic views of the picturesque Wheatbelt hills in Toodyay.

Our foremost objective was to create a lap pool that seamlessly merged with the stunning landscape, allowing the customer to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty surrounding their property.

Understanding the importance of unobstructed views, we ingeniously altered the sequence of construction. Instead of following the conventional approach, we first installed the lap pool, using a mere 10,000 liters of water to anchor the pool in position.
A retaining wall was then built around the pool, designed to the exact height necessary for safety compliance. The retaining wall was strategically constructed after the pool installation, ensuring it did not hinder the panoramic vistas. This innovative problem-solving approach allowed us to seamlessly merge safety requirements with the customer's vision, resulting in a stunning lap pool that encapsulated the surrounding beauty.

Furthermore, we addressed the issue of accessibility and aesthetics by incorporating recessed steps leading into the pool area. Protected by stylish glass fencing, these steps not only provided secure entry points but also enhanced the pool's modern design. This thoughtful addition showcased our commitment to fulfilling the customer's desires while maintaining a harmonious integration with the overall landscape.

Meticulous attention to detail ensures a harmonious design that enhances the visual appeal of the environment. Carefully selected materials like limestone paving, rock walls, and bituminous driveways blend seamlessly with the natural elements, creating visual cohesion that unites the pool area with its surroundings.
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