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Treechange Rise - The "Torino"

Gidgegannup WA
Set amidst a sprawling 100-acre property in Gidgegannup, this pool epitomizes the very best of acreage living. Its strategic positioning allows for a panoramic viewing experience of the immaculate surroundings, inviting the family to bask in the serenity of nature. The carefully placed bench seat serves as the perfect vantage point, offering an unrivaled viewing of the vast, picturesque landscape. The "Torino" pool at an impressive 11m x 4.45m with its captivating Twilight colour, engineered with the innovative Pool ColourGuard® technology, blends functionality with aesthetics, creating an inviting oasis. This pool caters perfectly to the family's desire for an accessible, yet sophisticated outdoor retreat offering both daytime excitement for the kids and evening ambiance with the addition of 4x Multi Coloured LED Lights - suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

The 'Torino' pool stands as a testament to contemporary design with its striking geometric shape, complemented by sleek glass pool fencing and sophisticated honed concrete surrounds. It embodies the essence of modern elegance and seamlessly integrates into the surrounding landscape. Designed with the family's enjoyment in mind, this pool offers a versatile space that caters to all age groups. The expansive area encourages various activities and ensures ample room for play and relaxation. The incorporation of the extended bench seat provides a cozy spot for parents to supervise and relax while allowing the children to frolic freely. Its multifunctional design makes it a hub for cherished family moments and lasting memories.
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