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Aquify Pools

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Australia's Best Pools: Saint Louis design

East Ryde NSW
In East Ryde, a family expecting a new baby desired a quick pool installation to enjoy by Christmas. Despite challenges like record rainfall and asbestos discovery, Aquify Pools delivered the Saint Louis design—a pool and spa combo—on time. The design incorporated a spa within the pool's fibreglass shell, with separate heating ideal for introducing their baby to the water.

The pool and spa were raised to be visible from the seating area to create a focal entertainment area. Natural materials like stone and glass were used alongside LED lighting for aesthetic appeal. The project's uniqueness lay in its integration into a split-level yard, transforming it into a cohesive space using glass, stone, timber, and lighting. Despite complexities like neighborly access, asbestos, and rock removal, the team successfully delivered a stylish, low-maintenance pool that catered to the family's needs. This project was featured on Australia's Best Pools in 2023, showcasing its blend of elegance, practicality, and entertainment value.
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