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Freshwater Rainforest Oasis

Noosa Heads QLD
This project was designed for a private swimming location in Noosa’s National park surrounded by modern architecture and stunning rainforest trees towering over either side. It gives the owner a secluded spot to relax and enjoy all the modern features of a pool and spa.
The client's brief for this project was a secluded family holiday retreat nestled up against Noosa’s National park, with all the bells and whistles of a modern pool but with creative locational parameters to have the pool blend into a very modern architectural surrounding.
To meet the customer's needs, the pool landed between the visitors wing and the main hub of the home, within the main thoroughfare of the property. To achieve a fenceless appearance a “HA HA” was constructed on 2 sides of the pool, and a privacy wall (core filled block wall with a “Stucco” render) built high on top of the pool and spa structure.
The Spa, Spa spillway, steps and walls were all rounded and finished with a mesmerising Mint Green Penny ceramic tile, with the pool’s floor fully tiled in individual 100mm x 100mm Blue ceramic mosaic tile to create a finished product that needs to be seen to be believed.
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