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Seven Mile Dream Pool

Seven Mile Beach TAS
The Seven Mile Beach Dream Pool project required the combination of practicality and natural beauty, in order to create a space where our client could swim laps and improve his quality of life, but also enjoy the stunning pool area for relaxing and entertaining guests. With its unique materials and seamless flow into the surrounding landscape, this pool is a magnificent masterpiece that is not only eye-catching, but highly functional and practical too.

Unique design methodologies were used to achieve a cohesive design outcome. Our pool design integrated multiple elements to create a cohesive and eye-catching finished product. We utilized a combination of contrasting textures and colors to spark visual interest, while the shape of the pool was carefully crafted to maximize available space without compromising on style. We also ensured we provided pool heating as the client wanted to use the pool for his health. We installed an eco-friendly Madimack inverter heat pump to ensure the client could extend his swimming season into the cooler months.

Parisian blue limestone coping was selected as it provided a unique and distinctive design element that added a touch of elegance to the pool area. The use of this material was innovative and original, as it is not a commonly used feature in pool designs. The end result was a stunning pool that really stands out as the centerpiece of the backyard.

The Parisian blue limestone delivered a sleek and modern look to create a striking contrast against the concrete. This natural stone added texture and character to the overall design, seamlessly transitioning from the pool area to the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.
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