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Kiama NSW
This project exemplifies the pinnacle of pool integration and transformation. The exquisite Statesman 7m x 4m pool, adorned in the enchanting Coral Blue finish, a masterpiece from the artisans at Stronglass Pools, stands as the centrepiece of this remarkable install. It seamlessly nestles alongside the pre-existing garage and retaining walls, embodying an impeccable fit and flow within the property. The ingenious conversion of the garage into an open pool cabana elevates the property's functionality and allure, offering a space where relaxation and entertainment intertwine.

This decision was not merely about aesthetics but also a necessity for this dedicated and hardworking family, especially with two vibrant young kids. The pool serves as a sanctuary for moments of tranquility and boundless joy, ensuring that the family finds peace and relaxation within the confines of their own paradise.
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