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Modern Hamptons Haven

Ermington NSW
Step into Ermington's Modern Hamptons Haven, a beacon of Hamptons elegance. Here, the pool's light blue silver mist colour and sleek geometric shape, paired with elegant ivory tiles, minimalistic pool furniture, lush tropical greenery and spacious neutral grass, creates a symphony of understated elegance that declares, "simplicity is the truest form of sophistication."

The family envisioned a pool that would seamlessly blend with their home's refined essence. They envisaged a pristine design, strategically placed to harmonize with the garden's breadth, and a view from within that would invite the outdoors in, making the pool an integral part of their living space.

Challenges, like heavy rains, tested our ingenuity, while unexpected remnants from the past required a fresh start. A regulatory twist had us creatively redesigning at a moment's notice. But as the adage goes, ingenuity is born from necessity. Attuned to our clients' preferences, we crafted a waterscape that enhances the garden's spaciousness. Positioned beside the house, it maintains the openness of the outdoors, offering a view from the living room that transforms the pool into a living artwork.

This pool transcends being a mere addition; it is a core element of the home. A sanctuary that infuses each day with serenity and sophistication, where life is not just lived but cherished.
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