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Aquify Pools

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The Forestville: Crafting Tranquility amidst the Freeway's Roar

Forestville NSW
In the heart of Forestville, a new house rebuild transforms into an idyllic haven with its pool as the nucleus of outdoor entertainment. The clients' dream: a holiday-like ambience, with the pool visible from nearly every room, disrupted only by the distant rumble of Warringah Freeway. The journey to serenity was fraught with challenges. The site, stubborn with rock and hemmed by power lines, demanded meticulous planning. Aquify Pools, alongside Richard Carr Architects, conjured a sanctuary. A water feature, elegantly adjacent to the 7m palazzo pool, became a tranquil barrier to the freeway's clamour. A broad seated step, nestled along the retaining wall, emerged as a bastion of relaxation and utility.

The design philosophy, an extension of the home's soul into the backyard, was our North Star. The silver mist pool colour is complemented by caramel travertine pool coping tiles and tropical landscaping. We weaved privacy, light, and a seamless color palette into the fabric of this oasis. Our pièce de résistance: a custom wet deck with 360-degree water jets, marrying innovation with tranquillity, making Forestville Oasis not just a pool, but a sanctuary within the city's embrace.
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