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Bellerive TAS
Featuring a basketball court, sports play area and a pool for swimming, this sport-friendly project combined modern aesthetics with durability and functionality - perfect for a client with a family full of sports fanatics. The combination of beautiful stone paving and natural flow of the pool into its surrounding environment was the catalyst for creating a stunning pool that the family could enjoy for years to come.

We are proud to have created an outdoor sporting area for this fit family that is not only functional and safe, but is also eco-friendly, budget friendly and attractive. The pool itself is unique in that it is a sustainable solution, with a variable speed pump, cartridge filter and Halo system to ensure the filtration is as environmentally friendly as possible, not wasting water, energy or unnecessary chemicals.

One of our unique design methodologies was to incorporate natural elements into the pool's design to blend in with the surrounding environment. We used natural stone for the pool coping and surrounding area, which not only created a consistent look with the environment but also provided a suitable surface. The natural stone coping helped to create a seamless transition from the pool to the surrounding landscape.

To further match the pool with the surrounding environment, we selected native plants that were drought-tolerant and low maintenance. To match the brief of a sustainable landscape we also incorporated an irrigation system that utilised recycled water, reducing water usage and minimising the impact on the environment.
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