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Meadow View - The "Valentina"

Northam WA
Presenting 'Meadow View', an exquisite pool installation meticulously designed to complement the Hamptons-style house and picturesque surroundings. The pool's thoughtfully positioned bench seat offers serene views, while sophisticated glass fencing seamlessly blends elegance with the landscape. Adjacent to a charming pool house, this standout project creates an idyllic entertaining area. This project showcases exceptional expertise, attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The design of the "Meadow View" fibreglass pool project exhibits a meticulous approach focused on functionality, aesthetics, and seamless integration with the surrounding environment. Carefully tailored to meet the client's needs, the pool's "Valentina" model by Aqua Technics, sized at 8m x 4m, includes a bench seat thoughtfully positioned to offer picturesque views of the surrounding paddocks. Glass fencing was chosen to complement the Hamptons-style house while providing uninterrupted panoramas, which often included passing hot air balloons during early mornings. The project's unique features contribute to its allure and enhance usability. Overall, the "Meadow View" pool achieved outstanding aesthetics by blending elegance with the natural beauty of the Wheatbelt's rural landscape.
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