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Port Kembla

Port Kembla NSW
Situated in the heart of Port Kembla, this stunning project has transformed the client's backyard into a true masterpiece. The outcome was not only a beautiful pool but a unique bond that was forged among the family members. The 10m x 5m pool shell was expertly constructed in a remarkably swift six days, despite the challenges posed by three months of relentless rain. This exceptional project also features a stylish cabana with essential amenities, including a toilet and shower, ensuring convenience and comfort for the family.

To cater to the younger members of the family, an adjacent basketball court was thoughtfully incorporated into the design. The pool itself is encircled by the timeless elegance of Tempete Marble and features Sleek Tile Insert drains for both aesthetics and functionality. The pool area seamlessly transitions to an eco-timber deck, offering breathtaking views of MM Beach. Here, you'll find an outdoor gourmet-style kitchen, perfect for entertaining and culinary delights.

For an extended swimming season, a three-phase 24kW Evo Heat heater was installed, allowing the family to enjoy the pool year-round.
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