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Poolscapes QLD Pty Ltd

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3rd Story City Views

Paddington QLD
What better way to admire the Brisbane city than from the comfort of your own pool situated on the 3rd story of your home!

Designing the bench seating to extend out from the pools main shape ensures the swim space for laps was not comprised, as well as creating an inviting entry and hang out spot to relax and enjoy the city views.

fitted with four bright led lights and a strip light above the water feature, this lap pool becomes illuminated at night showing off all its best features. All the pools filtration, lighting, heating and water feature becomes all automated through the use of your mobile phone.

Use of blue oxide and blue glass beads in the pebble interior, enhances the water colour to a richer blue. The porcelain dropface coping tiles gives the pool a sleek and sophisticated look, marrying seamlessly to the water feature and surrounds as it continues throughout.

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