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Safeguard your biggest investment

Your new pool will enhance your most valuable asset - your home. Understand the risks involved in such a significant contract to ensure a secure investment.

Comprehensive pool contract review service

Our detailed legal review service provides you with clarity and confidence to move forward.

Expert review

An experienced contract lawyer examines your agreement to ensure it adheres to best practices and protects your rights, preventing unfavourable terms.

Risk identification

Our specialists identify and explain potential risks in your contract, enabling you to address them proactively rather than facing surprises later.

Clause clarification

Receive a thorough breakdown of complex legal jargon and clauses to ensure you understand every obligation, entitlement, and condition you’re agreeing to.

Practical insights

Benefit from practical insights that help you negotiate better terms, empowering you to make informed decisions and secure a favourable contract outcome.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should I have a lawyer review my pool contract?
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There are several reasons why every homeowner should scrutinise their pool contract:

  • a review will quickly identify if the builder has included anything that increases your risk (for example, common issues include progress payments, terms for fibreglass shell payments, overruns and more)
  • the value of the contract is high - which means the risk is high, especially when you consider it is attached to your biggest asset, your home
  • many things can go wrong with a pool project and it's best to know what your risks and liabilities are before you find out the hard way
  • it's quick, easy and cheap to have a review - but it will give you peace of mind.
Can I just use my own lawyer?
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Absolutely, you can use your own lawyer. The benefit of using our legal partner to review your contract is that they have done this many times before - which means they know exactly what the standard terms of a pool building contract are, what issues are likely to arise, and can do the review much faster (and cheaper) than a lawyer who isn't familiar with the standard pool building contracts.

Why do I need a legal review of a SPASA or Master Builders contract?
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The majority of contracts we review are SPASA or Master Builder contracts. Unfortunately, just because your builder is using a standard template, doesn't mean you can assume the contract is ok to sign. There are a lot of clauses that are completed by the builder and can have a massive impact on you. Our legal review will highlight all you risks and will also identify things that are not best practice and should not be agreed to.

What's included in the pool building contract review?
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The lawyer will comprehensively review your contract before you meet, paying particular attention to the items listed below. Any issues will be discussed on the call, along with any questions you have.

  • Payment terms - schedule of payments including reviewing the progress payments to ensure they are best practice and don't expose you to risk (eg. not paying for the fibreglass shell in advance).
  • Construction timelines - review of start and completion dates including any penalties for delays.
  • Warranties and guarantees - review of the warranty periods for the various components, and review of the insurance.
  • Change orders - review the procedures for making changes to the contract and the impact of changes on cost and timeline.
  • Dispute resolution - ensure suitable mechanisms for resolving disputes (eg. mediation, arbitration, litigation), jurisdiction and governing law.
  • SPASA or Master Builder contract specifics:
    • Pool location and filtration equipment positions.
    • Access for necessary building works and machinery.
    • Cost transparency for prime cost items and site costs.
    • Specifications for overburden excavation and structural requirements.
    • Details on walkway and coping width, if included.
    • Plans, specifications, and local government application fees.
    • Applicable taxes.
    • Compliance with maximum deposit laws.
    • Realistic penalty costs for late completion.
    • Understanding cooling off period laws.
    • Statutory warranty information.

The lawyer will also address any specific questions you have.

What is the cost for legal review of my pool contract?
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The lawyer will review your contract prior to a 15 minute phone consultation and will also provide you with a summary of the key terms of your contract. The pricing is as follows:

  • SPASA or Master Builders contracts - $290 inc GST
  • All other contracts - $545 inc GST
How do I book a legal review of my pool contract?
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Simply complete the calendar booking on this page, pay the fee and you're ready to go. The lawyer will then call you at the scheduled time.

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